Tuesday, August 30, 2011

[Article] Objection Towards Hyun Joong From Going to Sendai, Japan

One more article shared by Slam on her blog. Much thanks!

I pretty much understand the fans concern. I am sure even the production team, KE and Hyun Joong are concern. For now let's pray for the best and for everyone's safety.


[News] Objections Towards Kim Hyun Joong From Going To Sendai, Japan For His Performances
Source: Enews4
Chinese Trans: Ivy@HKHenecia
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
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Some Kim Hyun Joong Korean fans objected him from going to the Sendai, Japan where an earthquake just happened a few months ago for performances.


At the internet communication portals have a surge of objections towards Kim Hyun Joong at going Japan Sendai for performance creating a wave.

Kim Hyun Joong is scheduled to have his concert tour in Japan in Nov, starting from Osaka, Sendai, Kyoto, etc.. performing in 7 cities.

This news is making all Kim Hyun Joong fans to be elated while on the hand their worries, anxiety and fear comments are also significantly increased. During March this year, Northeastern Japan Sendai just went thru a major earthquake, and it is the worst hit disaster area in the whole city. During that time, the damage for the disaster hit between 15 ~ 25 billon yen.

Thus, the fans have this mentality "What if " something happened kinda state, regarding this Sendai performance. Fans state that "Really worried will there be any danger", "Can't ignore if there are any after effects happen", "Are we going to take the risk of going there?" etc... different kinds of opinions on this.

But there are still some believe that "Since they can celebrate which means that it should be safe", "rather than be worried, why not action upon it", "Shouldn't be a problem since they are going to hold a concert there" etc... different positive responses.

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