Saturday, August 27, 2011

[Article] More About Jung Min's Guesting in Jung Bo Suk's Chungdamdong 1

The guesting of Jung Min in Jung Bo Suk's Chungdamdong 1 seems to really interesting after reading some of the articles about it. Can't wait for it. Hopefully when it's out translation will also be out soon.

Thanks to rainaftershine for the translation of this article on her blog.


[News] Park Jung Min: “Trained together with Hong Soo Ah in a fraud agency”
Source: mydaily
Chinese translation: 피오나 @ PJM IFC (
English translation:

SS501 Park Jung Min will share with us stories related to Hong Soo Ah (Hong Geun Yeong).

Park Jung Min who will be appearing on MBC Every1′s ‘Jung Bo Suk’s Chungdamdong 1 AM’ on the 29th will share stories of his childhood dream of becoming an artist, rumours of participating audition in Apgujeong street and getting a chance to audition from an agency while wandering in the streets.

However, Park Jung Min said that this agency is different from what he had expected. It is a fraud agency which he will have to pay 4 month of fees.

Park Jung Min frankly expressed that “I convinced my mother to pay for the fees as I really want to become an artist. But because of the limited training and strange atmosphere, he came out from that agency with other students who were also receiving trainings in there.” He also said that “Among these trainees who trained in the fraud agency, Hong Soo Ah was one of them” which made everyone around surprised.

In addition, Park Jung Min also frankly told stories about the unfortunate family incident when he was young, and putting in his utmost effort to become a son whom his parents are proud of now which made the audience moved.

Park Jung Min fraud agency story before his debut will be aired on the 29th at 12:10am on MBC Every1′s ‘Jung Bo Suk’s Chungdamdong 1 AM’. Park Jung Min began, “After we debuted in 2005, I’ve never had a girlfriend. I did, however, have someone in mind.”

He went on to reveal that a clerk at his bank was a big fan of his. Not only did she have his picture as her computer desktop background, but also gave him good investment tips and techniques.

He eventually grew curious enough to go back to the bank after a long while to see what she had been up to, but unfortunately found out that she had switched paths to her dream career as a stewardess.

He blushed while shyly confessing, “I coincidentally met her twice on a plane overseas.”

Check out the rest of his story on August 29th!


Anonymous said...

JM's shy face, not something we see everyday, and it's just dazzling 8->

Lol, wondering what would that girl think when she heard of this :))

Anonymous said...

Jung Ming mentioned about this girl in "Golden Fishery" in 2009. I've managed to find this link with Eng sub. Please do not repost elsewhere due to copyright.


sinthia said...

the girl must be happy he mentioning her so many times! ^^
I think something happened between them, or he wouldn't remember her till now...