Tuesday, August 16, 2011

HD Vids of Hyun Joong TFS Event in Taiwan 08.16.11

Here are vids of TheFaceShop event in Taiwan today that Hyun Joong attended from . The first two vids are just interview and some activities with fans. The last two (well, the 3rd is actually towards the end where you will see HJL) are vids to watch. ^_^ Thanks to for the tweet!

And here are more of Hyun Joong from the news.

First vid is courtesy of

and below video is from

According to meimeiyeh this is news channel is called "看板人物". The channel gives special interview to successful people. Hyun Joong is the 2nd foreign artists to be in interviewed. First to be interviewed was Lady Gaga.


pengfoo said...

Hyun Joong generates such alot of news for the media. He is really news-worthy with his many talents. He works very hard and has fantastic work ethics. He works hard when he has to and shows great professionalism. He really deserves his success!

Anonymous said...

Handsome, cute, ...
Love Hyun Joong so much.

Anonymous said...

leader, just know we are here & walk along each step with you

Anonymous said...

Can't but love this fine young man.... Will support you forever!