Sunday, August 21, 2011

[Pix & Vids] Hyun Joong @ Warner Malaysia PressCon 08.20.11

Much thanks to KPopHuntress of tweeting the link to their Facebook account where we could see many photos of Hyun Joong at the presscon of Warner Malayasia which happened yesterday afternoon. I won't be shoving all photos here. If you want tos see all the beautiful captures, you may click HERE.

I read on Twitter that at the presscon he rarely smile but still very polite to the media. Hyun Joong must be tired from all the traveling and lack of sleep. Poor him. Anyway, another info that I read on Twitter is that he ordered room service and ate curry. ^_^

And here are video from the presscon from the YouTube channel of .

From the YT channels I can only find parts 1,2, & 4. ^^

Today, Hyun Joong just finished visiting TheFaceShop outlet. Later will be the Hi5.


bossacafez said...

indeed! i think his schedule is crazy. apart from going back to seoul after vietnam, the rest are all continuous. poor him, hope he gets some rest after the last leg!

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong is only comfortable with his fans, who love, understand and support him.

Anonymous said...

Wuri hyunjoong's schl looks too tight...only pray he'll be well until the end of the tour. Thou he looks so gorgeous! Nobody can't beat his beauty!

ollee said...


Leader looks tired here, he still have a few more countries to visit before he can really rest. Fighting!!!

I've found another interesting link related to his Singapore trip.

It also has 3 videos taken in Singapore:
1. Arrival at Changi airport.
2. At the fanmeeting at RWS. (video quality very good. It's a closed up showing him with the kid .... very funny)
3. Interview by XIN MSM reporter. (looking slightly embarrased when he talked about the games he enjoyed on his Ipad).


Anonymous said...

I hope when he does his promised concert tour next year his schedule will not be as tight as the ongoing one. Doing concert is more tiring than what he is doing now .

Anonymous said...

agree,his schedule is crazy...He flying around everywhere non-stop
few more countries to go.
but He still looks gorgeous as always
Hyun Joong FIGHTING !

Anonymous said...

Leader looks exhausted TT
I think his schedule is inhuman!
I hope K-entertainment Industry will change its working habit and start think of their stars well-being.
Hope HJL will be fine, fighting!!♥

Anonymous said...

yep. he schedule is very tight. But we believe he is enjoying to meet his fans around Asia.
Maybe he even hope 24 hours / a day can extend to 48 hours/a day in order to share more time together with the fans.
We should be happy he find joy from work & enjoy it.
But we do hope he will be able to take good take of himself because we know he always put his life dreams in the first place ......
leader, good luck & all the best......

Anonymous said...

thanks @6:40pm for the links. we love everything he is on