Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[Notice from B2M] Young Saeng in 'Protect the Boss' OST

Much thanks to Slam for another translation she shared on her blog.

Just this month, we have three news telling us about three members of SS501 participating in drama OST. First was Jung Min for KBS2 'The Princess'Man', then Hyung Jun for MBC drama Hurray of Love and now Young Saeng for SBS 'Protect the Boss'. Isn't it great?

We've heard Jung Min's 'Missing You' HERE. Now I can't wait to hear Hyung Jun's and Young Saeng's songs.

This tweet just got in (12:30am 08.24.11) ... ^^

Just read this tweet by HappyBoys_SS501 : Young Saeng's OST for Protect the Boss will be released on Aug. 31 at online music sites. The title of it is 'Sad Song'. Can't wait.


[Trans] Heo Young Saeng Participating In SBS Drama "Protect The Boss" OST
Source: www.youngsaeng.net
Chinese Trans: Y'summer @ 水之莲生许永生中文网
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
Pls repost with credits

Hello everyone,
This is B2M Entertainment.

Currently the hit drama "Protect The Boss" which is broadcasting now, Young Saeng is participating and singing in 1 of the OST song.

Everyone will get to listen Young Saeng's OST song on 24th (Wed) during the broadcast of the drama.

Hope that everyone will support.


Anonymous said...

havent u heard baby's song yet tho? they posted it on a hidden link on the daouble s 501 facebook page or somethign i think ... its rly good :D

liezle said...

hi 11:35. No havent heard it yet. Thanks though for letting us know.


mrsheo said...

Thank God he's back....!!! I can hear his angel voice again...^^ I miss him soooooo much....>_<

Anonymous said...

Very grateful for Liezle's posting of Saengie's news. Really hope he can act in a drama as well like KJ, and more activities. Don't understand why he has the least activities among all. To keep/increase his popularity, he should have some solo overseas promotion and concerts if he's not active in Korea.

slimz1808 said...

HJB's OST: I tink one of the girls posted on her blog .. Lestari.. it was a short 2mins ripped from the show itself =D
nice one but i prefer his OST for Lie To Me.. ;)

slimz1808 said...


HJB's OST ^^