Monday, August 22, 2011

[Pix] Hyun Joong @ Time Square in Malaysia 08.22.11

TheFaceShop event today happened at Time Square in Malaysia. Pluto0606 of Hyuniversal0606was there and had some pretty nice photos to share on Twitter.

From the photos, Hyun Joong really does look tired. I think no amount of concealer or BB cream can hide the dark circles around his eyes.

And here are highlight from today's auction. Much thanks to happiebb (@baebb) for re-tweeting live update on Twitter. According to the auction started before Hyun Joong arrived.
  • HJ TFS fans gathering: 1st section for media & top spenders, 2nd for first 500 registered buyer, 3rd for autograph winners ^^
  • He's just finished short visit to tfs berjaya time square and coming down ^^
  • Bid for standee started at RM1000, each raised hand RM100 increment... then suddenly stopped without him physically here O.o
  • Bid for standee started again... but then announced that tfs will donate RM5000 and keep it O.o
  • Halfway through the bidding for knee guards, they announced someone bid RM3000 for the standee
  • Knee Guard bid ends at RM2000.. CONGRATS!!!

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Joyce Choong said...

I got the opportunity to meet the two Coordi Nunas. The Nuna who styles his hair has reduced some weight and looks prettier. The clothing Nuna was still the same. Perhaps, Hyun Joong Ssi is encouraging his team to work out too or that his schedule is making them lose weight! Ha ha ha ....