Saturday, August 27, 2011

[Aritcle] Jung Min Talks About the FA Once Again

Why do I have this feeling that Jung Min really likes this lady as he always talks about her. This lady must really be tall and pretty as she's a flight attendant. I wish that destiny will will bring them together once again.

Thanks to VITALSIGNN of AKP for this article.


[News] SS501’s Park Jung Min confesses that he hasn’t had a girlfriend since his debut
Source + Photos: OSEN via Nate
Courtesy of VITALSIGN / AllKPop

SS501′s Park Jung Min recently guested on MBC Every1’s ‘Jung Bo Suk’s Chungdamdong 1 AM‘ and revealed that he has never been on a date or had a girlfriend since his debut.

Park Jung Min began, “After we debuted in 2005, I’ve never had a girlfriend. I did, however, have someone in mind.”

He went on to reveal that a clerk at his bank was a big fan of his. Not only did she have his picture as her computer desktop background, but also gave him good investment tips and techniques.

He eventually grew curious enough to go back to the bank after a long while to see what she had been up to, but unfortunately found out that she had switched paths to her dream career as a stewardess.

He blushed while shyly confessing, “I coincidentally met her twice on a plane overseas.”

Check out the rest of his story on August 29th!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering,have you read any articles in the newspaper about HJL's visit here in the Philippines??

Anonymous said...

He met her twice on the plane and that is fate, isn't it? But more important is, he need to seize that moment, else meet a hundred times also useless. The boys do need some work life balance :)


Anonymous said...

I can just say that it seems like JM is picky when it comes to women, but when he loves someone, he would love that person with all his heart, and the feelings would last for years, no matter what is the relationship between them.

sinthia said...

lexterie I think the same... he seems be a man with really intense feelings, when he loves someone it must be a very intense love! ^^
I hope he meets someone he can be together soon and has a complete and happy life.