Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[Media Pix] Hyun Joong @ TheFaceShop Event in Central World Thailand

Today at the Eden Court, 1st Floor of Central World, Thailand, TheFaceShop event of Kim Hyun Joong happened.

The activity started with an auction with Thairat Foundation as the beneficiary. Auction items were KHJ TFS standee and sneakers with Hyun Joong signature. Items were sold at 45,000 Baht and 80,000 Baht, respectively.

During the interview, Hyun Joong thanked the fans for the warm welcome and the media who did the interview. Asked what product he likes most in TFS, he said BB cream as it's portable, easy to apply and remove.

Here are nicely taken photos from the website of Pingbook at the venue and of course Hyun Joong.

Tomorrow, Hyun Joong will be in the Philippines. It's the last leg for the Asian Tour. Philippine fans are definitely looking forward to Hyun Joong's 3rd visit in the Philippines.


Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong's beauty can kill many girls.
Cannot stop to love him.

Anonymous said...


Just minor details. It's actually Thairat Foundation, not Rath Foudation. And the shoes that was auction off was light brown or beige color, not white.

liezle said...

Hi 1:17! Thank you for the corrections. I will be editing my post now.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I misspelled. It's Thairath Foundation.

Anonymous said...

Media video - Channel 7

Nothing different from other report. Just basic stuff like he was here to promote his album Break Down and there were lots of fans happy to see him.