Friday, August 26, 2011

[Vid] Preview Jung Min at MBC Jung Bon Suk's Chungdam-dong

Though Jung Min is currently in Taiwan doing a drama, there will be a show in MBC Every1 with the title Jung Bo Suk’s Chungdam-dong that will air at one o’clock in the morning on August 29 where in Jung Min is one of the guests. I don't have any idea what this show is all about but I am sure that many would be looking forward to this even though it must have been weeks since this was recorded.

Here's the teaser of the show. Thanks to veggiedelight for the link to YT channel.

Btw,I just read the article related to this program, Jung Min once again talked about the lady bank employee he met before who said that she a fan of his. And this particular lady became a flight attendant in which Jung Min I believe saw twice during trips. Hmm, I think he really fancies her. Also, in the show the contraceptive endorsement that Jung Min endorsed before was also mentioned.

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