Monday, August 22, 2011

[Vid & Pix] Hyun Joong @ the Opening of TFS in Causeway Point 08.20.11

Its been three nights since the opening of TheFaceShop in Causeway Point. I have posted some nicely taken fancams HERE but the angle they were taken were quite far. Here is a video and a set of photos from yyann which she sent via email. Thanks much!

Despite the crowd and the shoving, thumbs up to yyann as she was able to nicely capture Hyun Joong from her camera. Oh, and it's my first time to notice that the print of his shirt if very nice.

link lifted from 's YT Channel

And these are her photo...


I am adding here video from DevilDenise. From mark 3:22 you'll see Hyun Joong's amused expression at the lion dance.


Anonymous said...

Hi Liezle
I enjoyed watching his expression during the lion dance portion. Been repeating my clip for that part :) Guess he must be amused by what the lion did thru'out the process. It was jam packed that day and the venue is quite cramp. Lots of pushing and he stayed for only about 15mins but we were still glad that we attended the event eventhough we were late for the next event at RWS. Lucky the fanmeet started late too.


liezle said...

Hi Denise! I am shoving here your vid. Thanks for letting mus know of the amused reaction of HJL while watching the lion dance. Thanks for the nice vid as well.