Sunday, August 21, 2011

[FanCam in HD] Kim Hyun Joong TFS Asia Tour 2011 Singapore Summer Party

Here is a very nice fancam from Hyun Joong Summer Time in Singapore that happened last Saturday. Despite the little shaking because of the crowd and bumping, blancbelle of SGTripleS was able record this vid nicely. Much thanks!

Kim Hyun Joong TFS Asia Tour 2011
Singapore Summer Party

Hard Rock Hotel Colloseum RWS
19 August 2011
Credit: Blancbelle @ SgTripleS


Belle KHJ TFS Asia Tour Singapore 190811 Compilation from blancbelle on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not? I saw him face to face crossing the road in front of raffles hotel near city hall this morning 21/8/2011 at about 9.25am. He was alone wearing casual clothing. I did not call him as I was crossing in opposite direction with a baby in the pram. Have a second look at him to double confirm. He must be Kim Hyun Joong!

liezle said...

Hi 10:21! Uhm, Hyun Joong is in Malaysia since yesterday. He left Sg very early Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Then something wrong with my eyes or have seen someone who really look like him??? should have use my handphone to quickly snap a shot.

Anonymous said...

LOL thanks for the story anonymous 10:21, but hyun joong will NEVER be alone...unless in his own house maybe.

Anonymous said...

@1130. i remember HJL when SS501 was in thailand leaving the hotel alone to get some fresh air. he got lost and fans helped him to get back. HJL & the rest of the boys are adventurous and sometimes sneak out.

Anonymous said...

@1136 within the hotel compound maybe, but she said road. maybe you're not a singaporean so you don't know how crowded and busy the area at raffles hotel/cityhall is. its like the myeongdong in korea.

ping0119 said...

but he already reached Malaysia on 20/8?

Anonymous said...

@10:21pm may be we miss him too much.
i have dreamed on him a few times these few weeks. but he appears on my dreams as i knew him in my daily life but not the khjL.
But it is happy to know there is someone as handsome as him around your area.
it is not bad to sight the eye candy when you go out ......