Friday, August 19, 2011

[Article] Kim Brother's Aiport Fashion 08.18.11

Much thanks to GONI of AKP for this article. There are more articles that was released last night. Hoping to see one that i found interesting.


[News] Kim Hyung Jun & Kim Kibum’s brotherly airport fashion
Courtesy of GONI / AllKPop

SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun and former U-KISS member Kim Kibum displayed their airport fashion, with a leopard print look and an all-black look, respectively.

The Kim brothers left to Japan on August 18th to participate in various concerts and promotions in Japan. The two brothers used black as their base color to display different fashion styles.

Kim Hyung Jun dressed in a stylish casual style with a powerful animal print t-shirt and black pants with sandals. Kim Hyung Jun was also holding a doll of a character, “Piro Piro” from the company in which his younger brother is the CEO of.

On the other hand, Kim Kibum dressed in a black ’slit-detailed’ shirt with a vintage black jean, along with black sneakers to finish the all-black airport look.

In related news, the Kim brothers will be promoting in Japan for 5 days. After going solo, Kim Hyung Jun released his first single album in Japan and will be promoting in Japan through the ‘Kim Hyung Jun Summer Festival‘.

Additionally, Kim Kibum, who has expanded his career into character entrepreneurship and MC-ing, will also be promoting in Japan.

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