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[Trans] Kyu Jong's Interview by Playdb

This is a MUST READ. Super thanks to xiaochu for doing the translation of this and of course sharing on Quainte501. I never thought that translation will be actually out so soon as this is quite long. Really thank you xiaochu for the hardwork in doing this.

I feel so proud of Kyu Jong's accomplishments as well as the other members as they are successful in their solo careers. I know some were doubtful if they can even have a career when they go solo. But because of their talent, hardwork, discipline, training and also because of the people who believes in them and support them they're able to make it.

Reading this article, I am so moved by Kyu Jong's sincerity. If only I can give him a big hug I definitely would. He so endearing.


[Trans] Playdb Cover Story – Go, Kim KyuJong
Credits : (Text : + Photo : Ki JoonSeo ( + Design : Jung HyeRin) + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Pure Passion
Passionate First Step
Kim KyuJong

Start. First ever fencing in his life, breaking away from ‘SS501’ and set his first step with the name ‘Kim KyuJong’. During the period where he is filled with a retreating heart saying ‘Should I quit everything’, he met this musical, it was a thankful meeting as it made him rethink of his motto ‘Let’s challenge without any regrets’. Living as actor Kim KyuJong these days, he uses the method of ‘Do my best in everything no matter what’ on the tensions, takes out his confidence with ‘I can do it’ on the heavy burdens, while preparing for musical .

, Prince

Playdb: Started first performance in Japan.

I was very worried prior to the first performance. After the first performance ended, the actors/actresses talked about “Having good hunch about it”. Besides feeling great to be talking about the sold-out of tickets, the audience response is really great even till the very last performance. Our performance venue is Kabuki theater in Kyoto which can hold 1,200 seats, it is a very old theatre, there are a lot of fans in the audience who are there to see the performances in the theatre. Especially that there are many grandfathers and grandmother audiences, and maybe the royal family story touches their heart so they cried a lot. At that moment, the thought of ‘Moved the hearts of the audience’ came to my mind and tugged at my heart.

Me to Musical

Deep acting, outstanding singing skill. I don’t think that I was successfully casted because of these.
To me, I want to achieve that role if what they want is the ticketing power of idol singer and the vitality of a musical.
I am currently learning intensively, the reason for practicing is also because I can do my part on stage, also because to be able to well in the other roles given to me.

Playdb : Critics that “If there is no Hallyu Star Kim KyuJong, overseas fans won’t move”

Prior to musical , there was comic and drama which plays a big part on letting people know about this musical. There are comments such as “Heard that SS501 Kim KyuJong will appear in musical which Hallyu star representative ‘Dong Bang Shin Gi’ Uknow Yoonho acted before”. (Kim) HyunJoong hyung asked “I heard you did well for the musical in Japan?”, and continued “It was a sold-out, isn’t it a huge theatre with 1,200 seats?”, “That is really great, a good experience, really great”, giving a lot of praises to me. I’ve stood on stages of theatre with 30,000~40,000 seats with my members, but I had no idea about other genre, other theatres. After I returned to Korea, every time the people I know said to me “That’s great, congratulations”, I felt ‘Wah, it turned out well’. Feels good.

“Idol Singer, I know the part I have to play”

Playdb : Under the poor critics of idol singers going into musical acting, there must have been a lot of stresses.

It is fine, really fine because I don’t think that I was successfully casted because of outstanding acting and singing. They thought of idol singers’ ticketing power too. I want to do well in the role given to me by them, so practicing is the basic thing to do, and did many interview so that it helps in promoting . However, idol singers really prepare a lot before coming out these days. Came out really intensely and difficult. Because that they are labeled as idol, I hope that these friends will not get hurt.

Playdb : Are you very interested in musical?

I like performances. I watched a lot of plays and musicals. I watched Ock JuHyun noona’s , and thought “That’s impossible, how can a person do that? I guess it is possible because she is Ock JuHyun”. Then (Park) JungMin was going to do . He asked me “How was my musical?”, wah it is really good. But he was always saying “It’s hard, hard, really hard”. So I thought “ah, I mustn’t do musical”. In fact prior to , I received a lot of proposals for musicals, but I was determined not to do it ever while rejecting them saying “I will watch it as a fan”. I didn’t know it turn out like this in the end.

Musical to Me

I had one dream since young. 5-member idol singer.
Because that dream was fulfilled, I was troubled by the thought of ‘What should I do now?’
When I was troubled and even decided that I have to quit everything,
I met this musical, and felt once again the fun of singing, dancing and acting.
It is none other than musical that made me find the interests of life.

Playdb : What is the reason for changing your thoughts?

There are any talks about trying out in drama and movies. I received acting lessons, for a person who used to dance and sing under the fancy lightings, I felt uncomfortable acting in a quiet place, and formed a bad feeling at the thought of ‘ah, I think I can’t do well’, and can’t adapt well. I said to my boss “I will prepare for an album release since I work hard on singing”, but he told me “I hope you can go into acting”. After a long discussion, the conclusion is that the stress will be smaller if I go for acting via musical which has music too. But musical is even scarier to me. I said I hated it for almost 1.5 months. Finally I started with the thought ‘It won’t do, I must get interested in it’, and now I am really enjoying it.

Playdb : Is there a reason why you chose as your first musical?

First is that is a interesting story, and also the fact that the performance is in Japan. When will there be another chance to be able to stand on the stage in Japan as a Prince from Korea? (laughs) What attracted me the most is the honor of going up on the stage as a representative from Korea in Kyoto.

Playdb : It is a musical which Uknow Yoonho acted in before.

After being confirmed casted as Lee Shin, I sent a text message to Yoonho hyung ‘I think it is really difficult’. Hyung replied back ‘You will do well. You are now Lee Shin’. So I thought, ah, it will be fine if I am determined like that. Yoonho hyung is strong and charismatic, but I am the opposite. You will see a different Lee Shin in the opening performance.

“I had one dream, 5-member idol singer”

Playdb : During your school days, heard your nickname as ‘Prince’, so you played the role of prince.

Since elementary school days, my dream was to be an ‘idol singer’. I will definitely not take any funny photos with my friends. I can’t let those photos get around when I become an idol singer later. Because I have such a foolish side of me, my friends tease me like “Are you a prince?, Prince! You are not eating today too?”. It is definitely not that I’m a handsome prince. In , ‘Lee Shin’ is handsome even by just keeping still, a truly prince role. Really a prince. (laughs)

Playdb : First musical performance in Korea is right ahead.

Burden is heavier compared to the first performance. Everyone’s expectation is higher because of the news that the musical has done well in Japan. Jokingly “Ah, I guess I shouldn’t sign the contract for performance in Korea” we joked about it like this. (laughs) The best thing is that almost all the actors/actresses who have done the performance in Japan will also perform in Korea. That is a great strength to me.

Playdb : Seems like your friendship with actors/actresses is extraordinary.

We got attached to each other since the long hours of practices, and performances in Japan. When with SS501 members, we practically don’t talk much. Because we have been always together since young, we just know everything about each other. Not feeling good, or what happened. But over here, because we have to get closer with each other so that we will be able to be in tune with each other on stage, we had to quickly get to know a lot about each other, so we talked a lot. It feels like entering a new school and meeting new friends. This is the first time I talked so much with people and not singers, and knowing new friends.

“When I gave up on everything, it was musical that made me stand up”

Playdb : There must be a good point about musical.

I was pondering ‘What should I do in the future’ because I’ve fulfilled my dream of being an ‘idol singer’. I thought in even more details when our members were dispersed around, and having different agencies. Should I start on other studies, should I rest for a few years, should I paint drawings, should I dream a new dream.... I have a lot of ideas but I’m at a loss and couldn’t do anything. I was afraid and fearful. At that time, people around me and my members gave me good advices that I can do musical, thus I was able to start. Last time when I receive drama proposals, I would be afraid and said “I will do it a little later, I am preparing to perfection.” But now I say “I will do it, I will try it out”. It is none other than musical which made me find the interest again in the things I am able to do.

Playdb : What is the response of SS501?

Big trouble than advices, what they told me most is ‘difficult/tough’. It seems like it will be fun to act in a play with (Kim) HyungJun. Like , a cute while fun musical. While watching HyungJun’s performance, I was surprised “Why is he doing so well?”.

Playdb : SS501 is famous for being ‘GaeNyeom-dol*’. (*Idol with upright ideas, i.e thinking of the interests of fans)

Everyone is simple and honest without any bad points. Even during our promotional period, we were always being scolded, “You guys must have ambitions, when others do well, do you only clap? Have some ambitions” (laughs) There was a popularity voting via phone ARS, we told our fans not to vote as it will affect their telephone bills. That was 100 won or 200 won per call, which is a huge money for young people. And because they will not just once or twice but vote continuously. Thus we told them never to do that, and that representative (from the company who organizes the voting) was angry why we said that.
(xiaochu : Can you girls remember?! TT_TT That was during the MKMF 2006 mobile voting! They had an interview for the voting and they were leading, and JungMin told the fans not to spend such money, they’re okay not to win this award~~ And HyunJoong also wrote in one of his diary entry asking fans not to use money to vote. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww that’s my boys!)

Playdb : There are many people who are waiting for SS501 album.

I think the important thing now is gain experience while doing our individual activities other than 501 album. Later when we come back together, we must return and possess the strength that nothing can break us. I am thinking that 501 album will be released some time next year.

Playdb : Is there a musical you want to play in?
I watched played by (Kwak) SeonYoung noona, I really enjoyed watching it. I would also like to play a slightly childish role like that of .

Playdb : What is your future target, wish?

I hope that musical performance in Korea will end in great results. It is fine even if you speak unfavorable of it, but please give it lots of attention. (laughs) Even though being a ‘idol singer’ used to be great, but it is not good forever. It seems like we practiced a little and showed you the same thing for the past 4~5 years. To the extent that we felt sorry to our fans. I think the moment has come to show what I have worked for. It is good that I am able to act and sing now, it is valuable and fun experience. And knowing very well how much determination and hard work was put in. The moment for me to show what I have work for is now, I want to spent ‘now’ well.


Anonymous said...

This just makes me even prouder for our boys. I've been very touch while reading through the whole interview, didn't even notice the tears in my eyes after. Triple S will always support you and the whole group for that matter, my sweet kyu. Thank you very much liezle and Xiaochu. much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

the SS501 members are wise men. i love them for who they are, all of them. they all give this indescribable warmth to me whenever i read their interview like this, seeing their vid and even just a simple picture.
they truly are idols that i can look up too ^^ i'm very proud with each one of them everything they achieved so far needs determination, hard work, discipline and more. and they all have that in them. i have no doubt that when they comeback as five, NOTHING can break them apart. they'll be as successful as ever. ^^
they've walked a long journey together and their bond really makes me jealous as it is hard to have and even search for. SS501 is indeed forever :)
sry for the ranting ^^

Anonymous said...

oh my god... it's a very touched interview... without i realize, i had some tears in my eyes... they are very kindhearted... this article did tell me their own kindness.... i'm very sure, they have a great friendship with each other... i wish to have friends like them... and i also wish that they could make friend with me someday... i do believe they will come back with a superb new album... just trust in them...

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that they don't want for Triple S to spend some money for them... but we want for them to win.. btw, WOW He have a number of DBSK's Yunho... I miss SS501 and DBSK interaction... most Specially YUNHO and YOUNGSAENG interaction.. JaeJoong already recomended Young Saeng to sing an OST... I wonder what will YUNHO and Young Saeng do they have a chance to see each other... I remember during the controversy of DBSK Young saeng and HyunJoong are still beside them... I can't wait for KyuJong's SOLO debut...I hope it's already SEPT.. Actually I feel like Young Saeng and Kyu jong didn't leave DSP the fact that one of the strongest person in DSP is in B2M

SSongs501 said...

big huge thanks to xiaochu@Quainte for the very long and interesting interview!

i love how KJ is so humble about being cast for his idol status rather than talent, and still worries about other idols who may be hurt by people's skepticism and ignorance of their hard work. just shows exactly what a kind-hearted person he is. <3

"i had one dream since young: 5-member idol singer." aww Kyu~ T_T but i'm really glad he met so many new friends. he seemed to come out of his ("second") shell and mature a lot.

how can they feel bad for continuing to be our favorite idols and giving better and better music and performances?? indeed, SS501 are totally GaeNyeomDols, and that is why i love them so much. <33333 i will wait forever for them, but ahhh 501 album next year!!!

kj_neth05 said...

This is very touching.. Indeed, Kyu Jong is very warm, sweet and honest.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that each are given the chance to carve their own path to superstardom. Their time off the group is really helping each one stand strong, and despite the successes, still remain humble. SS501, fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

this interview makes me happy and proud of them... i'm really happy and proud of what they are doing right now... it shows how worthy they are for our love in being a triple s,lets just hope,pray and support on their success right now and in gods glory by next year they will show us not only a better SS501 but the best SS501... lets wait for their comeback and lets love and support them forever...

TRIPLE S fighting...

SS501 fighting.....

ping0119 said...

HyunJoong hyung asked “I heard you did well for the musical in Japan?”, and continued “It was a sold-out, isn’t it a huge theatre with 1,200 seats?”, “That is really great, a good experience, really great”, giving a lot of praises to me.

When with SS501 members, we practically don’t talk much. Because we have been always together since young, we just know everything about each other.

SS501's brotherhood is unbreakable <3

"When will there be another chance to be able to stand on the stage in Japan as a Prince from Korea?"

"Everyone is simple and honest without any bad points."
yes.. that's what we like them for <3 i hope no one take advantage of their simplicity & honesty though.

"It seems like we practiced a little and showed you the same thing for the past 4~5 years. To the extent that we felt sorry to our fans."
I hope they would stop feeling sorry to us because they didn't produce a 2nd full album or they didn't show us enough. To me, I felt that they have done the best they could and I really appreciate all they have done.

I think through individual activities they can gain experience & learn lessons faster than in 501, because they encounter more challenges in individual activities. I also believe they will feel the importance of their members more. So after this, they will really "return and possess the strength that nothing can break them"!
I'll continue to support all their activities, be it individual or group. I believe individual activities are not bad, instead only a part of their growing-up journey to become a better SS501 for us.

sinthia said...

I'm glad to see Kyu so positive and confident. I think he is on the right way... new experiences will be very good to all them. Thus I'm sure they will back like mature and better artists.

slimz1808 said...

quoted from Xiaochu on Quainte:
BTW, thanks to Lois for correcting one of my paragraph.

(Kim) HyunJoong hyung asked “I heard you did well for the musical in Japan?”, and continued “It was a sold-out, isn’t it a huge theatre with 1,200 seats?”, “That is really great, a good experience, really great”, giving a lot of praises to me.

(Kim) HyunJoong hyung asked “I heard you did well for the musical in Japan?”, and I replied “but that theatre has seats for 1,200 people which means not a big theatre.” Then he siad, “That is really great, a good experience, really great”, giving a lot of praises to me.