Sunday, November 06, 2011

[FanCams] Kyu Jong @ Tokyo Fan Meeting 11.04.11

Whoa! What a way to start my Sunday morning! Finally, Kyu Jong videos from the fan meeting in Tokyo is up! Bunch of thanKYUs to for providing the video on their YT channel.

Guys, if you like wangjanmin to continue sharing with us their vids of Kyu Jong PLEASE DO NOT re-upload their vids in other streaming sites including YT, k?

Rainy Heart rap part

According to the tweets I read, when Kyu Jong left the stage after his rap part, Young Saeng tried to follow him and when he wasn't able to catch him (sorry for the previous post, he didn't dropped to his knees). See reaction of Young Saeng while Kyu Jong is rapping in the last video below courtesy of rmdkdl lifted from the YT channel of .

Get Ya Love

I know it's not only me who's been noticing it, but there is really a big difference now in the the way Kyu Jong and Young Saeng are performing on stage especially when they started doing the musical. The confidence is there and the interaction is somewhat very different. No more the restrained movements. Also, their vocals is getting more and more beatiful. I believe they're still getting trainings not only in singing but in acting as well despite their hectic schedule.

Much thanks to Lois [@HappyBoys_SS501] for the tip on her blog.

Btw, Kyu Jong went back to Korea early morning today and here's a sole capture of him fromthe tweet of @Sarah_Taiwan501.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much ^^

I fell it too Liezle,.In the first FM in Japan,.they are little shy and didnt talk to much..

But now,..they look very enjoy the show,..
Maybe musical geve them so much energy and confidence,..

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for these wonderful posts liezle, and to all of those who shared it here for us to enjoy.

I would have to agree on your observation Liezle. I used to get really sad about not seeing all 5 of them together, but we all have to admit that doing solo activities have done all 5 of them good, specially to these two boys. I feel like a proud momma every single time that I'm watching Kyu and Young Saeng, they've really gained so much confidence, and they just keep on getting better in every perfomance.

slimz1808 said...

Really a big ThanKYU to the girls who took the risk and capture all their FanCams!
I like how kyu is enjoying himself so much in GetYaLuv !

Anonymous said...

kyu shined & rocked the stages ......

saengie cute.

Chara said...

Woah... What's going on? Must keep my mouth shut...

Seeing this FC made me totally speechless...