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03.17.11 Kim Hyung Jun's Interview with IS Plus

hAnother great one this time from IS Plus. Much thanks again to Ode for doing the translation and sharing on her blog.

Really love love reading anything from any member of SS501. And I love it that they want their name to be known not only as member of SS501 as a solo idol. And I believe they they are succeeding.


Source : ISPlus
Korean to English translation by Ode / SS501ode.blogspot

Male group quintet SS501's member Kim Hyungjun (24) has now stood forth alone.

Kim Hyungjun who's returned to the music industry after a year with his first solo mini album 'My Girl'. It's his first time doing solo activities so he does feel anxious but still, at every point during the interview, he showed confidence. Last 10th on cable channel Mnet's 'MCountdown', Kim Hyungjun did not feel the emptiness left by his members and had put forth a perfect comeback stage. He succeeded in conquering the audiences with a conceptual and more powerful stage than the one he had shown with his members.

Kim Hyungjun said, "The charisma and power that our members have portrayed will now be undertaken by me solely. I will show to you a stage that does not lack in anywhere at all", as he poured his overflowing aspiration.

(Q) You've made your comeback after a year.

(A) It's been a long while since I've returned to the music industry, and I've apparently turned into a senior already. It's the age now for me to accept juniors already. The ranking of this and that has turned so high and I'm amazed. Not long ago I went to music programme and I saw G.Na, IU and Dalshabet. They're really cute. I was very delighted but in order to show my grand profile as a senior, I tried to show a state of composure towards them. (meaning trying to act cool ha ha ha ha)

(Q) The album jacket is unique.

(A) It is my solo album but I want to express the fact that I'm a member of SS501. Even if people may be looking at the album jacket only, they will have the thought like, 'Ah SS501's member Kim Hyungjun is having his solo activity now huh', that kind, and for that, I had put in alot of effort to try to achieve that thought in people. I did the design for the jacket. One who has properly morphed from five people (SS501), that kind of meaning.

(Q) Response for title song 'oH! aH!' was good.

(A) Though oH! aH! is an exciting dance song but it isn't that kind of popular hook song of these days. Fans hoped for a more popular song where they could hum after to sing but I wanted to show a song with a new type of style. I worried if people would find me too stuck-up with desire, but since response for it was good, I'm glad.

(Q) It was singing along with five of you all, but now that you're to sing it alone it's gonna be hard.

(A) You gotta dance and sing the full song altogether so it's very tough. When you stand onto stage you feel nervous and then on top of that you need to coordinate it well together, the chemistry can seem to easily lessen. All our solo dance singers are awesome.

(Q) It's your first time doing solo activity. What's different from doing activities with your group?

(A) Lonely. When the car is moving from one place to another or when I'm resting, my members are not with me and I feel bored. And on stage, when I think about it, I feel emptiness. It hasn't been long since I made my comeback so I think of this as my adjusting period.

(Q) When will we be able to see SS501 standing together on stage again.

(A) All our agencies are different and all our personal activities are very tight and busy, so we still weren't able to discuss about this in detail. However our plan as of now is to release an album within this year. When SS501 appears, all other groups have gotta tighten themselves and get anxious already. Because SS501 isn't a group to prepare sloppishly for their comeback. Haha.

(Q) Do you contact often with your members.

(A) Busy so although we do meet at times, we also contact each other often. We sometimes meet up over drinks.

(Q) Your character business is flourishing.

(A) It's truly beyond my expectation. Thanks to my brother Kibum that's why it's flourishing. Kibum even did the packaging of products himself, and also stuffed the cottonwool into the toys. The character cushions that were supplied to us and meant to be sold over 1 year has been sold out in only 2~3 months. Response in Japan and China is good too. Not long ago we also recruited 2 employees who are good in foreign language. We'll start on aggressive overseas sales too. After the character 'Piro Piro' that was already released first, will be followed by another character 'Siro Siro'. Our company is filled with the Festival Atmosphere. Haha.

(Q) How do you distribute the profits raked in from your business.

(A) I give it all to my brother. Because he's the one working more aggressively his guts out for this.

(Q) Your brother Kibum withdrew from U-KISS. How will his future broadcast activities turn out like?

(A) He's looking for an agency that will blend in well with him. Should there be any good agency for him, he'll start his broadcast activities thereafter. It'll be good if Kibum could succeed at first go, but I hope for him to become a singer who develops better and better over each stage by each step consistently.

(Q) You seemed to have worried alot because of the Japan big earthquake.

(A) I wanted to leave a piece on twitter regarding the earthquake victims but I don't know how to write and what to write so I couldn't. But I will leave a piece on my official Japanese homepage. I'm discussing with my agency on how to help with this. I've received alot of love from Japanese fans. And it's the time now for me to repay that love.

(Q) Aren't you gonna love.

(A) Lonely. I really don't have a girlfriend. I gave up on love. I'm thinking if I should get matchmaked and then get married when I turn 30. Haha.

(Q) What's your aim for the year.

(A) I have plans to do aggressive activities overseas like in China, etc. Also have plans to do a solo concert at the end of the year. I will need to sing throughout a full 2 hours so I will be seemingly releasing many albums in this year. 2011 will turn to be an extremely busy year for me.


sasuke_is_love said...
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sasuke_is_love said...

Thanks for the article and Hyung Jun, if you wanna donate for the tsunami victims in Japan, do it secretly even no body praises you but at least God knows that you do it willingly and purely..

Anonymous said...

mahangin. mas malakas pa sa tsunami.

his greed to go solo is clearly evident. a put off.

love SS501 but he aggressively demands to take center stage. leader, the pacifist, gives in. others don't mind. jung min is the only member that can put him on his place.

delete coz these statements are too hot to handle.

Anonymous said...

anon@7:54 No, your statements are not too hot to handle. If you don't like him that's your choice. I just wonder though did you also get put off when Jung Min talked about being the most contented of the members doing solo activities on a radio show or when Kyu Jong and Young Saeng talked about liking getting more camera time back in the U R Man days? So, he wants to do solo activities, what's wrong with that? Do you want him to only do group activities? Then you must also want the same for the other members, right? Cause they ALL are doing solo activities right now, not just Hyung Jun. Do you want him to only speak about SS501 and not about himself? When he talks about missing his members, feeling empty on stage with the other members not being there, when he constantly reassures Triple S that SS501 will come back, and uses SS501 in front of his name, is this not enough for you? What extra are you wanting from him? The reason I'm responding to you is not because I'm angry but because I'm curious. I'm curious why you've singled Hyung Jun out for things that all the other members are doing and feeling. If it's just because he's the most vocal about it, well, that's your choice. Just as it's my choice not to need the members to prove to me their loyalty to SS501 with their every action and word.

Anonymous said...

"Leader, the pacificst, gives in." what does that even mean? are you suggesting that it was Hyung Jun alone who wanted to start solo activiites and Leader "let him" despite Leader not wanting to stop group activities? they all decided that it was a good time to develop individually, and Leader took the first step. i'm not blaming Leader, but you can't blame Hyung Jun either. >_>

yes, Hyung Jun has always been ambitious. so what? they all deserve to be recognized as individual artists, and they're all achieving that. but even if he likes some time in the spotlight, Hyung Jun's still the most vocal about SS501, what it means to him and the promise of their return and existence forever.

you have one guy who constantly talks about the group but also expresses a desire for some solo attention once in awhile. then you have another guy who rarely talks about his group and happily accepts enormous solo attention. which one sounds like they're "greedy to go solo"? you don't question Leader's loyalty. why is Hyung Jun's time to shine a "put-off" to you?

Anonymous said...

agree with anon@9:02..

I dont know how this interview make a badmouthing to baby?!
are u jung min bias?
this is my first time seeing jung min bias have badmouthing to baby. it's so irritating me much.

FYI,, Baby loves SS501 members much much and much, how can I know?
it's not because I'm baby bias but i always follow his step until now he OFTEN mentions SS501 and his hope for others to get a success for their solo too. how can you wrote "others dont mind".
uuuh it's so rude.
you cant relate his caring of others to his ambition for good as a makes sense if he wants his single getting hit and success,, every members want it too. so you want he failed? are you really triple S?

please before you judge another member bad, you have to trace his step to know how they love and take care each other.
if it's burden so dont make any badmouthing to other members.
think before writing.

Sorry Liezle for long post, you can delete my comment if this comment make the discussion worsen.
as my thought,why they separate to be a solo because they want to develop their capability of singing so when they get together again, they will perform spectacular and make triple S more proud like baby said "When SS501 appears, all other groups have gotta tighten themselves and get anxious already. Because SS501 isn't a group to prepare sloppily for their comeback."

jackwon said...

Thank you so much for translating, Ode! And thanks for sharing, Liezle. ^^ It's a really good interview.

I love Hyung Jun's album jacket concept (an homage to SS501!) and "OH AH" as the title track, because compared to "Girl", it's really unique and shows his charms as a real singer and artist, rather than just another dance track idol.

I guess "lonely but not alone" is what all the members have to go through when they start solo, but it's great to know that they're always so strongly supportive of each other. <3 And I really look forward to when they regroup. As Hyung Jun rightly said, when that happens, other groups better watch out! Make way for Hallyu's 5 Legendary Princes!

It's so sweet of Hyung Jun to give everything to KiBum. He does deserve it since PiroPiro is daebak! But he also deserves his own place on stage, so I hope he finds a good company, too, and they perform together someday.

Hyung Jun, don't give up on love!! There's a hardworking, ambitious, feminine girl of your dreams just waiting for you! <3

sinthia said...

I fell a bit sad that
oH! aH! has not been that popular,Although it's a great song!! I LOVE this song, I think the CD is amazing and he deserved more attention. I'm very happy baby stay positive always, it's so inspiring to me, although he is younger than me, he give me an example to follow, always hard-working and positive. That's why he gives me so proud!

btw,HJ releasing many albums in this year? I totally LOVED it! I really agree he has to release many many albums, it's always a pleasure listen to him... just looooove his voice. ^^

Anonymous said...

All the best to u, maknae HJB! All the best too to HJL, YS, KJ and JM! May all of u have wonderful solo successes and may SS501 comes back greater than ever!!! SS501 Hwaiting! TripleS Hwaiting!

Anonymous said...

Not only JungMin biased fans who hate or dislike HyungJun, I met some HyunJoong biased fans who don't like baby and one of HyunJoong fans said SeungRi's mv is better than HyungJun's..

New TripleS misunderstood HyungJun because of his blunt personality, at least he's being honest with himself, HyungJun is NOT fake! He's genuine, real and straightforward!

Hyung Jun, being as the oldest son in the family carries so much responsibility since his parents got divorce when he and kibum were still young!

This is why he's working hard and wants to be the best because it is the only way to survive in Entertainment Indsutry..

When he's still together with SS501he never got the spotlight and DSP didn't give him opportunity to shine, all the cameras and attentions were only directed towards Kim Hyun Joong!

I won't hate him if he wants to be the best, I wish him all the best for his solo careers, hopefully he can become the most respected hallyu star all over asia!

Anonymous said...

anon@11:37 Don't worry about his album not doing well on the digital charts. We have to remember that it's been awhile since Hyung Jun has been actively promoting. This album is more like an introduction of him. He's gaining a lot of positive attention from this album and his popularity is increasing. When he releases his second album (also excited like you that it'll be releasing this year) it will do much better based on all the hard work he's put in and the recognition he's gaining now. Remember this is just the beginning.

anon@10:21 I don't know why I always think that he actually does have a girlfriend whenever he's asked about his love life. Maybe I just really want him to have someone in his life. I actually wondered if the girl that came on his Progamer show was his girlfriend. I mean they did basically wear a couple's outfit when they were cooking together. :)

quizzy said...

TRIPLE S stands for SUPER STAR SUPPORTERS.. and it is five young men of SS501 we supports, nothing more, nothing less...

so, a real Triple S knows how to act in this times.. i am sorry but it really saddens me when hearing about bad comments about the other members.. this place as we can all see is for TRIPLE S.. not just for a certain member..

sometimes also we have to think twice of what we are going to post... well then, if someone got issues with other members this is not a place to air it out.

a TRUE TRIPLE S understands.. how can one put down someone they love?

Anonymous said...

@quizzy: very well said. :)
i knew SS501 not too long ago and got hooked with them when they already had stopped doing group activities and preparing to do their solo projects. :( i may not known them that long but i understand them. everyone of them wanted to do these solo activities. they could at least improve themselves and learn to be independent. we could see their other sides and anticipate more for their comeback.
i will say that among the SS501 members I liked JungMin the most but for I treasure all of them. I support them all.

im sad that there are people who judge hyung jun easily. :(

Anonymous said...

My fellow green peas, I only got a few words to say on this matter.

A TRUE TRIPLE S LOVES ALL FIVE MEMBERS OF SS501 (i.e., KIM HYUNJOONG, HEO YOUNGSAENG, KIM KYUJONG , PARK JUNGMIN AND KIM HYUNGJUN)and will never ever dare bash anyone of them (nor a fellow fan, be it fellow TS or other fandoms).

I rest my case =)

Congratulations to our dear maknae for his first mini album.
We, TRIPLE S, are so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

to the 2nd commenter,

to some extreme fans who always put down Hyung Jun and then bring in Hyun Joong, you are not only pissing people off, you are indirectly putting Hyun Joong in a bad light more because of your protectiveness

Anonymous said...

i don't understand what 'One who has properly morphed from five people' means. can anybody explain this? how HJB can say about the other members like this? are they NOT properly morphed, then? is this what he means?
i'm so disappointed to HJB. He's so rash. please respect other members, boy. you're not baby anymore.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:34am

You don't know HJB very well or you're just blind!

Did you read how precious SS501 members for HJB in his thank you message?

How supportive is KyuJong, Young Saeng and JungMin for HJB?

HJB is often mentioning SS501 and his hyungs many times on the interview unlike HJL who never mentions anything about his group..
I'm more disappointed about HJL rather than HJB!

Anonymous said...

anon@4:34 Did you read his entire answer? He said he wanted to show that he was a member of SS501 and that now he is just doing solo activities. When he talks about morphing from 5 people it is not an insult. He is just saying that where they were 5 people before sharing the workload now he will show his skill as an individual. HJB has stated in previous interview 'Our members are originally skilled by nature, so even if we were to stand forth alone, all of us will be able to do it well enough.' This is something that all the members have stated before. They all want to show that they can stand on their own. Please stop taking portions of statements and then making a big deal out of them. Take the time to read all that is said and keep in mind the close relationship they all have.

anon@4:45 I know that you are trying to defend HJB but please don't criticize another to make your point. All the members are very different from each other. They have different personalities and express themselves differently. After five years together we should no longer need proof of how close they are to each other or what SS501 means to them.

Anonymous said...

This is only a translation and interpretation. It it not as though Hyung Jun answer the questions in English himself. Please never over read into the meaning or read in between the lines. It is not easy to survive in this industry, so able to see them comeback one by one, I am already very glad and thankful.

TsunamiCausedbyAir said...

@anon 7:54am

at hangin na pala nagun ang tsunami? kala ko kasi tubig eh.. hmmmm... amazing!!!

such a shame.. looking at another member as if his hateful..

quizzy said...

we should rest this case,,, there's no point of arguing and defending to some feeble minded people..

lets just focus in supporting the FIVE MEN in which the TRIPLE S supports... it will be a more quality time..

SS501 and TRIPLE S.. Fighting!!

Anonymous said...

actually the original article said 'DECENT or RIGHT one out of five'. that's why i disappointed HJB. though how many times did HJB mention his members, it doesn't matter. this is bad. really bad comment. how dare he discribe himself like this? i've been never heard this kind of self-praise before. does he want to praise himself? it's good. but not this way. why he has to degrade other members?

sinthia said...

anon 3:53 I understand your point. I try to keep calm, but for me it's a little hard to understand how people do not realize how fabulous he is. I believe he will still be able to be recognized, because he is a really wonderful artist. And don't matter how long it takes, I'll always support him and all others members.

But what I do not really understand, and make me very sad is that between the Triple S there are people who don't support him, I get angry to see people talking bad things about any of them, but see the fans doing that is even worse! It would be nice to see these people who are criticizing members and say be fans, at least could take the time to know them better before criticize so harshly any of the boys who are working so hard to be successful individually and comeback together as a ss501 even better.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10:46 who is upset with HJB
I don't know what you're trying to achieve with your statements. If you're trying to get others to also dislike HJB, I can tell you you've failed with me. Unlike you I will not disregard all the wonderful things that HJB has said about the other members and all the care he has shown them. One statement (that could easily have been twisted by the interviewer) should never be enough to override all that we know about the members. If you truely believe that he cares nothing for the other members then it's obvious nothing can be said to change your opinion. I just wish that you and others who also only care for certain members would not choose a site dedicated to supporting all 5 members to leave behind your negative comments.

TSandSS501are1 said...

Liezle...please close the comment box...
The article is causing a misunderstanding of fans again...and it's really saddening.

TS should be like SS501..We should be TOGETHER. Even though our IDOLS are not in one group, they still care for each other. I hope TS all over the world are like that.

Anonymous said...

i don't think it's necessary to close the comment box... yet. being a fan does NOT mean being blindly faithful and always accepting everything your idol does. it's okay to express worries and discuss. BUT to be a fan, we need to understand them. and if you understand SS501, then you know that they are like the only idols who have never done anything to really disappoint their fans. if you're a TS, you should know that all 5 are truly good men with good hearts.

i think whoever is unhappy with HJB doesn't really know him. when he said he's "going from 5 to 1 properly", he means himself. he's not saying the others are doing it improperly, just that he's tried really hard to do the smooth transition himself, too. just like JM's message of being "Not Alone" because of the members, HJB specially made that album jacket to represent his roots and that he's still a part of SS501, just stepping out on his own for the first time. if you can interpret that homage to SS501 as a negative thing, then you don't know HJB and you're just determined to dislike him. learn more about his determined, caring nature, or just stop judging him please.

sinthia said...

It is obvious that these people who are talking bad things about HJB don't really know him. Actually don't know any of them, I doubt even they are really fans. They must have put attention on them yesterday and instead of spend some time to know more about them, just judge without any knowledge of their history and not to mention the amazing friendship that exists between ALL members.
Actually what these people are looking for is provoke the real fans, nothing besides that. If they were true triple S they would not act like that.