Thursday, March 31, 2011

[Vid] PJM's 'Like Tears are Falling'

'Like Tears are Falling' MV is out! The song is co-produced by Choi Kap Won and Kim Jin Hoon, and features a unique 80s arrangement line. Thanks to AllKPop for the info. ^^

Here's the video from MNET TV.... (not YT as the one earlier posted was the leaked and quality is poor).

If you can't watch the vid above, you may watch it HERE.

As you all know, the song is featured in the re-packaged album of Jung Min that will come out on the 7th of April. The album includes a 40 page photobook.

Here is the tracklist of 'The, Park Jung Min'...

(in bold are the new songs)

1. 눈물이 흐를 만큼 (As tears flow)
2. 가라 가라 (Go Go)
3. Not Alone
4. 넌 알고 있니
5. 내 하루는 매일매일 크리스마스
6. 눈물이 흐를 만큼 (Inst.)
7. 가라 가라 (Inst.)


plz said...

hey liezle ... plz plz plz plz remove this , this video was leaked out , plz wait for official mv , gomao

liezle said...

hi 11:38. dont think this is leak as this came from mnet tv and it only plays 1/4 of the vid.


Anonymous said...

Hello Liz. I dared not watch the video earlier posted on AKP. Thanks for your post now i can see and listen even 1 minute of the mv. I am dying to see the whole video soon.

tetsu girl said...

FINALLY! :D someone has shared the official MV release w/ good quality: ♥
here's the other new song in the mini-album, "Go, Go" -