Wednesday, March 30, 2011

03.29.11 S/Tweet Treats

Here's translation of tweets yesterday. Thanks again to xiaochu for providing the translation on Quainte501.

It looks B2M is starting to prepare Young Saeng's album as the company is starting to recruit fans to help out in the activities. I hope that soon we'll get to read from their tweets details about the album.


[Trans] 03.29.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credits please.

2011-03-29 @ 2:40pm
b2ment Hello. This is B2M. We are recruiting FAN STAFF to work together for YoungSaeng's activities. Please check for more details in YoungSaeng's homepage announcement page. We hope for many of you to apply to help out for YoungSaeng and the fans.

2011-03-29 @ 4:23pm
HyungJun87 @Radoworld Meeting for my song?^^
*in reply to =Radoworld= (2011-03-29 @ 3:04pm)
Not a meeting to get to know females!!!!!!ke

2011-03-29 @ 5:24pm
Radoworld @HyungJun87 kekeke Will do kekeke

2011-03-29 @ 1:49pm
hyeongjin2 @Actor_ParkJiBin JiBin-ah GTA daebak. I left it at YoungSaeng's house and came out, go and try keke You wont realise how time flies keke

2011-03-29 @ 9:18pm
Actor_ParkJiBin @hyeongjin2 kekeke It should be tomorrow or the day after keke Please come too hyung keke bully YoungSaeng hyung a little TT TT ke

2011-03-29 @ 9:47pm
mystyle1103 @Actor_ParkJiBin Lazybones.. Give you a scolding!!

2011-03-29 @ 10:06pm
Actor_ParkJiBin @mystyle1103 Hyung, I will look forward to it, I will go over maybe tomorrow or the day after kekekekekekekeke unconditionally because I already placed it euhahalaalala


Anonymous said...

Ys tweets from his followers are funny -- try bullying him, i wanna see some reaction from Ys :)

thanks for sharing (A)

sweetiecutieys said...

hahaha...ys sooooooooooo more ahjussi..hahahga

zaza said...

Fan Staff.. Not for overseas fans *bloody tears*