Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{Pix} Kyu Jong & Young Saeng for ByTheR

These set of photos have been circulating SS501 community today, They're new pix of Kyu Jong and Young Saeng wearing clothes by ByTheR.

Wonder if we could see more photos of them from this line of clothing. Much thanks to iamsom for tweeting these photos.

If I am not mistaken,
this photo was taken @ Sofitel in Manila


Anonymous said...

Damn, they both look so good!!

Anonymous said...

wow they look soooooooo gooooood !!!! is it a photo shoot or something?

Anonymous said...

just about the time..i really wish to see new picture of young happy right now =)

Anonymous said...

waaaahh!! so handsome.....i think kyu looks a bit skinny..however he looks really style...ys with the guitar...cute!

Anonymous said...

he pics took my breath away , a somersault in stomach too~~ THEY ARE GORGEOUS!! KJ YS AHHHH~~~

Anonymous said...

Really nice pics!! I specially like YS with the guitar one!^^

Liny said...

aww they both look so helplessly handsome >______<
Thank you so much for sharing Liezle!!!
Have a nice day <3

sinthia said...

They look so handsome... 8B
I wonder if Kyu is still working out because he looking even more slim. Handsome, but slim.
Thanks for upload the photos!!^^