Thursday, March 31, 2011

[Article] 'Heaven' written for Park Yong Ha by Hyung Jun

When I first heard this song I thought that this song must probably be dedicated to Park Yong Ha, and I am not wrong. Read this article translated by Slam and shared on SGTripleS.

Hyung Jun must really have a very close relationship with Yong Ha which probably only few of us know. To write a song dedicated to Yong Ha is an evidence. I remember how devastated he was when he his friend died. When I saw him crying, it broke my heart into pieces.


[Trans] Kim Hyung Jun's "HEAVEN" Was Written In Memory For The Late Artiste Park Yong Ha
Source: Korean Official Website
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Chinese to English Trans: slam10@SGTripleS
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From the maknae of SS501 to a solo singer as a new start. Used to be a 5 members stage to a solo stage now, but Kim Hyung Jun is full of confidence. Kim Hyung Jun has released his 1st solo mini album "MY GIRL", using his hit song "OH! AH!" to start his solo activities.

In his solo album, Kim Hyung Jun has composed and was involved in the production of the songs "YOU ARE NOT LIKE OTHER WOMAN" and "HEAVEN". Especially "HEAVEN" is a song which holds a totally different meaning to Kim Hyung Jun. He wrote the lyrics of "HEAVEN" was due to his deep friendship with the late artiste Park Yong Ha.

"Park Yong Ha is a brother whom I truly like and respect, "HEAVEN" contains the feelings of how I miss Yong Ha hyung, to those who have listened to this song was said that they can feel for it, which gave them a decisive role when it come to love. Because of missing Yong Ha hyung so I can get more of my inspirations, which is why the lyrics were written in that way."

After knowing the news that Park Yong Ha has passed away, Kim Hyung Jun's crying scene during the funeral, making people around him sigh non-stop. And during the opening speech of his radio show SBS FM "KIM HYUNG JUN Music High" he said "Today is a very painful day, a hyung who is very closed to me suddenly passed away, it is really hard to believe", continue saying "I feel apologetic to my hyung who treated me very well but whom I did not really treat him that well" really want to cry and shed tears again.

With the same Japanese management company, the two quickly became closer after their Japanese activities. The reserved Kim Hyung Jun said that he approached Park Yong Ha to befriend him, told him if they are going to Japan, to meet up together for some activties or go to each other house to play, thus established a deep friendship.

Kim Hyung Jun said, "Whenever I face any problems, Yong Ha hyung is a brother who always willing to share my problems. Thus I am really very thankful to hyung." "Moreover our family stories and other areas which are totally similiar, this makes us closer as we have many things in common and often can reach to a consensus." He also said, "As long as we can be together he is really good brother". "HEAVEN" is the only ballad song in his solo mini album that contains his memories of the late artiste Park Yong Ha and also how he feels. The story of warm friendship of Park Yong Ha and Kim Hyung Jun as of the lyrics "You the only one for me, standing behind you today I'm always met with a smile, cannot express my heartfelt gratitude, No matter where I can still feel you, I'm always with you in my heart" can sense their deep friendship.

"Although can't sing that as a memorial song but to Yong Ha Hyung, it contains my thinking. Often thinking of taking care and not to forget but to increasingly keep it as a memory, so with that frame of mind to write the lyrics."


Anonymous said...

Before this article came, I knew that song was for Park Yog Ha because the title is "Heaven" and Park Yong Ha has passed away..

The lyric somehow has a romantic element but anyway we won't know what behind their deep friendship, HyungJun was crying so hard in PYH's funeral, he said that they both were planning to meet together 2 days before PYH's death but because of busy schedule, Hyung Jun couldn't able to meet him so at the next day he heard the bad news about PYH, he'd passed away cuz of suicide..

Anonymous said...

hyungjun fighting!! i am sure that park yong ha is watching over u from heaven.

Anonymous said...

Before the article came out, I have no idea it's for pyh. But I really like it, it's a really nice ballad but then after I heard the behind the story of heaven, I feel somewhat sad whenever I listen to it. I just remembered how he cried at that time and it's sad to see someone passed away. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

The title of the song always made me wonder if it was for PYH. The deeper meaning of the song makes it even better for me.