Monday, March 28, 2011

Hyung Jun & KiBum @ 2011 F/W Seoul Fashion Week

Brothers Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Ki Bum were at today 2011 Seoul Fashion Week featuring the designs of Song Zio.

2011 Seoul Fashion Week will run from March 28 to April 2 at SETEC in Gangnam, Seoul and KRING.

Btw, Jung Min was also at SETEC the same fashion show. I will be posting photos after this. You will see both of them in the last photo I posted.


linaluphbabyjun said... brother so handsome ^o^ hyung jun oppa neomu neomu choaheyo
Kibumie neomu neomu ghosippo

Anonymous said...

who is the woman near jung min?why is she this close to jung min?min go and sit another place:D.i didn't like the woman(yes,i am jealous fan)

Anonymous said...

wow i love Hyung Jun's whole look, very cool shades, handsome black & gray outfit, and bright sneaks.
and the Kim Bros are so cute together. haha KiBum is just like a younger version of Hyung Jun.

Anonymous said...

I dont think kibum looks identically like Hyung Jun.. imo Hyung Jun is prettier!