Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pix & Vids of Jung Min from PressCon, FanSigning & FanMeeting from devildenise

Heaps of thanks to DevilDenise for sharing this set of photos and videos which you can see below she took from the three events of Jung Min in Singapore that made fans giddy and happy.

At the press conference 03.18.11

At the fan signing event 03.19.11

Fan Meeting Party 03.20.11

And here are videos that DevilDenise took which are posted on her YT channel. Btw, she hasn't posted yet her vids from the fan meeting as the file is too big according to her. But once she posted them I will be sharing them as well. Thanks again Denise!

Jung Min's arrival at Changi Airport 03.17.11

PressCon Part 1 03.18.11

PressCon Part 2 03.18.11

Fan Signing Part 1 03.19.11

Fan Signing Part 2 03.19.11

Fan Meeting Party 03.20.11
'Do You Know'

'If You Cannot'

'Everyday is Christmas'

'Forever Love'


Anonymous said...

gosh jungmin looks so darn sexy at the fanmeet party not sure why. Images said...

@12:25 AM

Must be his super sexy long legs and his sexy sweetness.

Anonymous said...

a million thanks to DevilDenise for sharing these fancams!! JM sang every song so beautifully. and we get to see cute moments before and after the songs, too. ^_^