Thursday, March 31, 2011

[Article] Kim Brothers are Young Entrepreneurs

A back up plan for the Kim brothers and I certainly agree that they can't be an idol for too long. I hope that everyone who is reaping their success for being an idol would invest their hard earned money into a business the is feasible and would find success as well in different field/s.

Much thanks to Honeyeee of for the translation of this article from DongA. In this article Hyung Jun changed from being an idol to an entrepreneur.


[Trans] “Can’t live as an Idol all the time”…Kim Hyung Jun.Kim Ki Bum Brothers becomes CEO
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“You can’t be an idol for too long. You have to plan (think of) your future.”

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun and former UKISS member Kim Ki Bum brothers decided to become businessmen.

The 2 brothers who have always been interested in characters and related product design as well as media business development, joint-hands together and started the business, ‘HnB Company’. The name ‘HnB’ is an abbreviation for ‘Happy and Bright’ and is created using their name initial. The alphabet H comes the name of Kim Hyung Jun, while B from brother KiBum.

In the recent interview with Sports DongA, Kim Hyung Jun said with aspiration “We won’t always remain as an young idol group for too long.” he continued, “We have to make some investment and plan for our living for the future. I will show you that my business is a success.”

Kim Hyung Jun added, “My brother KiBum is an idea bank. It would be good if we can start the business while presenting various characters to the fans as gifts at the same time.” he continued, “The 2 of us have been directly involve, from the design to the development of the product.”

The result of ideas from 2 person are the interesting names they have for the products. Like ‘Piro Piro’ for the neck pillows and cushions, and ‘Siro Siro’ and ‘Maro Maro’ which will be launched in April.

Kim Hyung Jun revealed, “The price of fame is the tendency for people to think that celebrity’s status is used in business. I would like to focus on the quality and practicality. When creating the product, i think from the perspective of consumer in order to increase the repurchase rate.”


Anonymous said...

thanks, honeyeee & liezle!
it's sweet how you can hear the enormous pride Hyung Jun has for his brother. <3 i'm proud of them, too. ^^
ooh, they're introducing a new character Maro Maro next month! :D can't wait to see the cute design. does anyone know if Maro Maro is a pun like Piro Piro (tired) and Siro Siro (don't want to)?
i like the last paragraph. he sounds so pro! ;D

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the new character. The Kim brothers are doing a great job developing their business.

Anonymous said...

I heard Maro Maro is a dog with black circle , he's Piro Piro's pet