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[Trans & Pix] Interview of Hyung Jun from The Daily Focus

There are new photos of Hyung Jun posted today on the net from his interview with the The Daily Focus. The article talks about Hyung Jun's solo album and how he wants to be recognized as Kim Hyung Jun.

Adding to this post as well are new photos of Hyung Jun form S-Plus. Thanks to 꽃보다 형준 for posting on SS601.


[News] Kim Hyung Joon, First Solo, No Chance to Feel Lonely

Source: Focus Daily
Trans: Only Jun (

§ Kim Hyung Jun went solo with the release of a mini album

Shoulder 5times the burden compared to his SS501 time
The ambitious greed that can uses Intravenous Drip to replace meals
Always carrying his unchanging passionate initial resolution towards his singing career

“Before this was feeling fearful so was very careful. But still went up the stage and heard saying like “Yes, this is a singer”

Not as 5 people on stage but alone, such thoughts give me a huge amount of burden. Other members too, also wish to give the juniors who chose the same path as us a “cool” impression. Waited for a year, I went up on the musical stage and to lessen the burden of going solo, worked with the best artistes to create an album which I can say without feeling ashamed that considerable efforts have been put in. Group ‘SS501’ ‘s Kim Hyung Jun (24) first mini album (My Girl) release to proclaim his solo activities have since started.

“Although I said there is no mental burden, but it is still 5x more difficult. Songs have to sing 5x more, choreography also have to dance 5x more, so there is still 5x the burden that is pressing on me. So I would be lying if I were to say that it is not tough and it is all fun. Recently I have been surviving on intravenous drip instead of rice.”

As a solo singer, in his first album he has already shown his big ambitions, working togher with E-Tribe, Rado who are composers in great demand, songs lyrics for “No other woman but you” and “Heaven” are all written by him. Want to proudly show to fans the outlook that he is not just the ‘SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun’ but ‘Solo Singer Kim Hyung Jun’.

“Using the name ‘Kim Hyung Jun’ to release album, wish to hear people say “No matter what, still Kim Hyung Jun”. Wish that people would think that I’m alright even when I’m alone and would recognise me for it” Even though there several dance music that is different from ‘SS501’ style, but I still wish to show my own sophistication and colors through these songs.”

Make the first singer, Park Jung Min, from within SS501, as my someone whom to learn lessons from.

“Of course, although l may look very cool, but on stage it is not enjoyable at all. On the stage, could not afford to enjoy. I tried very hard to show that I’m relaxed and comfortable although inside me, I’m swarmed with awfulness. I was worried for a long time about what sort of music style I should choose. Even for dance music it has to be popular yet needs to be different from ‘SS501’. I would be showing everyone another side of me that I was not able to show when I was in the group.”

Title track ‘oH!aH!’ is created by E-Tribe with an Urban RnB style. Because of a rich and mysterious tune that climbs appropriately from one verse to another, this song is not something that is boring.

“I originally like style of the dance pop song ‘Girl’ made by Rado hyung. Although both songs are dance pop music but their styles are completely different. Because the competition for title tracks is very stiff, so decided that I should try to challenge a different style, therefore ‘oH!aH!’ was chosen.“

E-tribe’s careful and meticulous work style in addition to Rado’s comfortable and relaxed work style enable him to work on his shortcomings and highlighted his strengths, thereby bringing the satisfaction level for this album to 95%.

“The other 5% that is lacking is due to my singing ability, it is a pity. Been having ambitious greed about the stage. Recently I re-visited by initial resolution, and have once again attended vocal lessons. Would let everyone see the new singer, Kim Hyung Jun, Ha Ha!”

Due to unexpected fold of events happening in Japan, would be postponing Japanese promotion plans. Initially had plans to start Asia Tour and overseas promotions from April onwards, but now chances of changes are very high.

“After domestic activities have ended have thoughts of entering into Greater China market. Because Japan is our neighbouring country, so when having activities as a singer, was able to receive a lot of help. So as a singer, I’m thinking how I can contribute back and help.”


These photos were published in Taiwan's PLAY Magazine.


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