Monday, March 28, 2011

[Article] Hyung Jun & Jung Min Met at the 2011 Seoul Fashion Week

As earlier posted, Jung Min and Hyung Jun were both at SETEC to attend Song Zio's fashion show who is featured to day in 2011 Seoul Fashion Week. A photog caught Jung Min and Hyung Jun greeting each other and and it's on the news. Here's translation of the news courtesy of Slam posted on her blog. I do hope that later we get to see more pix of the two fans.


[Trans] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun & Park Jung Min "Haven't Seen Each Other For Some Time!"

Source: NTN
Korean to Chinese Trans: 笑儿 @ No.43 Park
Chinese to English Trans:

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On 28th Mar afternoon at SETEC where "2011 Spring Seoul Fashion Week" was held, Kim Hyung Jun and Park Jung Min who attended SongZio Designer Fashion Show were seen shaking their hands.

The Spring 'Seoul Fashion Week' is a major event in the fashion world, at there you get to admire Korea's top-notch fashion designers and other aspiring works of new designers. It is an event where 36 Korean fashion designer participated in this show.


Anonymous said...

"shaking hands"? more like "holding hands" lol.
i hope there's fancams of this moment!

Anonymous said...

I really love their friendship. It's great how they are always finding ways to meet up and that we as fans can witness it.

cola said...

they looked so formal greeting each other. haha. love them both!

Anonymous said...

This 'formal' greeting is so unlike Tom & Jerry couple! Jungmin should be torturing Baby instead!!! Haha, of course, they must respect the authorities & the event ^^ Still, it's cute

Anonymous said...

so cute of them both tom and jerry moment in there hope to see more of pics of them :)