Monday, March 21, 2011

Hyung Jun @ Today Fan Signing Event 03.20.11

Hyung Jun had a fan signing even in SK yesterday and here are some of the photos taken by the shutterbug of Much thanks to ying_ck for tweeting and to iamsom for re-tweeting.

Hyung Jun looks tired. Honestly, I am getting a little worried about him. I have never seen him this tired looking before. I wonder if everything is alright with him. I hope he is not feeling the pressure and getting bothered by the negative comments. Likewise, I also hope that he's not getting stress with the issue of his brother and putting too much pressure and responsibility on his shoulder.

I wonder if you guys have seen the recent interview of KiBum on Brunch where in their mom was also a guest and opened up the subject of getting divorce when their kids were still very young. Likewise in the same show, KiBum talked about UKiss and his former management company as well as how he look up to his big brother. If you haven't seen that yet you better check this video which hl2412 tweeted more than a week ago. Thanks to too for the vid on YT.

You know what? After knowing things from this interview of KiBum I now understand why Hyung Jun is so loved by his members and why he's acting like a baby to them and to others. He's being such a baby at times I believe is coming from how difficult it was for him growing up taking the responsibility as the head of the family.


Anonymous said...

ur right..hyungjun does look tired these's not just that..his eyes they look he is really lonely..i hope he stays optimistic!! hope he knows that we r all supporting him no matter what.
hyungjun fighting!
thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

He looks so cute yet so tired. Its a bit heartbreaking. I was curious as to why he hasn't been on the last two music shows but now I'm starting to worry about his health. I don't want to see a news story about him fainting or something like that. I really hope he's taking good care of himself.

Liezle, what negative comments are you referring to above? Had HyungJun been getting some bad press?

Anonymous said...

I don't like korean medias who treat HyungJun some kind of rookie star.. I'm sorry if I'm too overboard.

Anyway, this guy deserves recognation and award for his handwork and talent!

Yes, Im thinking the same thing, Liezle, maybe this is why all the four members treated Hyung Jun very special.

Hyung Jun lacks of fatherly love because his mother divorced his father when he's still young and being as the oldest son he has to replace his father's position, working hard for the family!

I feel so sad for him, I hope he's alright =(

Anonymous said...

anon@2:05 As far as I know there haven't been any negative press on him. The negative comments that Liezle is referring to is the scene in Star Life video where Hyung Jun reads negative comments on an article about him and then you see him trying to hold back tears.

This is going to be a long post. I apologize in advance.

HJB is a very ambitious and driven person but, I don't think that this desire to succeed is just a personal one. I truly feel that he ties his success to his family's welfare. The more successful he is the better off his family is. At such a young age he's had to become the sole supporter of his family and a father figure to his brother. That's a lot to ask of anyone, let alone someone who is still trying to establish his career. I agree with you Liezle that knowing this about him makes you understand why his childlike personality comes out more with his members. SS501 is probably the one thing in his life where the burden of success isn't just on him but instead shared with 4 other guys. With his members there's less pressure on him and he can relax more. Since HJB is my bias I feel for him when he's tired or gets upset but I don't really worry about him. Yes, he's softhearted but he's also very strong. He couldn't have survived the last several years in the industry as well as the years of training before that if he wasn't. Slowly but surely he will achieve the recognition he craves. I look forward to the day I can see him crying on stage after he wins a big award. :)

Liezle, there are two videos of HJB that I hope you can post. They are of his appearances on the variety shows 'Sponge' and 'Quiz to change the world'. The youtube channel HJfan2 has them. HJB is really great on these shows.

sinthia said...

I was already upset with NH entertainment for has fired Kibum, and now knowing all this I fell even more upset. I found it completely unnecessary and unfair to fire him, why not just have added new members? Why? It's very unfair!
Poor baby, now I understand why he always showed be so affectionate with members. It must have been not easy to have to take responsibility of being the man of the house so young. Not for nothing that he has always proved to be the more responsible on the job since the beginning of the group.
I also hope he does not worry too much about this whole issue of his brother and not pay attention to negative criticism. He must be careful because there are still a long way to go, but he must not forget that Triple S will always be there to support him.

Anonymous said...

It's not like I wish him to be like this, but I'm glad I can see different side of him.. He looks more human now, at least in my eyes.. When I first saw him on TV show and interviews, he looks so fine, cheerful, and bubbly all the time (a part from when he got hidden camera and all), I even think that he wore some kind of mask or something... But I'm glad I can see different side of him now.. Though of course I'm not happy with the way it is...

Well, ignore my comment if you dont like it, just pop out what I think without further thinking.. I guess..