Monday, March 21, 2011

Surge of Pix from SG Fan Meeting by chipychapy

Make yourself giddy by looking at these photos of Jung Min at the Fan Meeting at Dragonfly in St James Power Station that was emailed to me by chipychapy to shared on my blog. Huge thanks chipychapy for these wonderful captures. Really appreciate your sharing in my blog whenever there is a chance.

As you go down the photos, you'll see more better captures by chipychapy. Jung Min really look so handsome and sexy yesterday at the fan meeting. His attire is perfect for the fan meeting. His voice when singing mesmerize the fans. His charm took the heart of all who were present. His overall personality left a deep impression to many

To end this post, chipychay was able to capture Jung Min's yaksu [promise] to come back to Singapore.


Anonymous said...

jung min totally takes my breath away. he is getting more handsome and manly. i am loving him more and more. i am getting addicted to him. he is like a virus getting into my veins.

Anonymous said...

8:35 welcome to the Peas & Carrots Club, or Jung Miniacs. ;D

chipychapy (& liezle), thanks for sharing this lovely set!
i love how much emotion JM's voice and eyes carry when he sings. <3
JM took so many cute "couple pics". he really does seem like all TS' boyfriend! ^^ but although he gives so much love and fanservice to so many, he doesn't seem like a player or cheesy crowdpleaser because his sweet sincerity shines through. <3
btw, beautiful cake (with the cute lil green pea princesses)! kudos to the talented SGTS!

liezle said...

@10:08. that was cute Jung Miniacs ^_^