Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jung Min's Pix from Fan Signing & Fan Meeting in Singapore by iamsom

Geez, iamsom was in Singapore last weekend to be part of Jung Min's 3 day events. She's back in Thailand and look what she brought back and sharing with us. She took quite a number of high quality photos of Jung Min from the fan signing event and fan meeting party. Thank you iamsom!

Here are just few of the photos but I tell you you should download all the photos she took. I am providing you links to download almost 60 pix from iamsom below so better grab them, k?

Thanks again iamsom!

Fan Signing Event 03.19.11

Fan Meeting Party 03.20.11

To download all pix from iamsom, you may click HERE for fan signing pix and HERE for fan meeting party pix.


bossacafez said...

thx liezle and iamsom for sharing the pics, i've downloaded them :))

how does jung min manage to look so immaculate under the swealtering heat in sg? lol

Anonymous said...

all of them are great shots! JM is photogenic every second! ^_^
thx for sharing, iamsom & liezle!