Wednesday, March 16, 2011

[Article] Hyung Jun's thoughts on going solo

Was looking around for something to share but couldn't find interesting to post. Thanks though to this post of VITALSIGN posted on AllKPop. ^^

I'm surprise at Hyung Jun's rating of his own stage, 50 out of 100? Hmm, so humble.

SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun discusses his thoughts about going solo
Source + Photos: Sports Korea via Naver
Courtesy of VITALSIGN / AllKPop

After spending nearly a year learning how to stand on his own, SS501’s maknae, Kim Hyung Jun, finally returned to the stage with the release of his very own solo album.

He stated, “The best thing is that I have the cameras all to myself (laughter). It feels like I’ve become lighter. I’m almost upset that my body isn’t moving as fast as I want it to because I want to just go out there and try everything there is. I’m trying to suppress that, however.”

Randomly, he turns to the reporter and asks, “What shall I do?”

Even without any outside advice, he’s led a busy career on his own thus far. Kim Hyung Jun is currently the DJ for SBS’s “Kim Hyung Jun’s Music High“, but before that, he’s performed for the musical “Caffeine“, and even ran his own reality program, “Hyung Jun’s Game Team“. Next month, he’ll be starting his Japanese promotions, which will be followed by an Asian tour in May.

When the reporter pointed out the whirlwind nature of his schedule, Kim Hyung Jun explained, “I’ve always wanted to do so many things. It’s not that I’m jealous of the success of others, but I was always hoping for opportunities. Before, all I did was pester for it, but now I’ve matured enough to discuss things and try to balance stuff out. As I work to find common ground, I learn things about myself that I never knew before. Do I seem like an adult now?”

To prepare for his solo, Kim Hyung Jun dedicated all his energy into perfecting his first solo stage. He hoped to use “Girl“, a strong dance track, as a ’smasher’ that would leave a strong first impression. Afterwards, he sought to switch it up by opting for a song that would be more soothing. In the end, Kim Hyung Jun ended up choosing “oH! aH!” as his title track because of its friendly appeal.

“I liked that ‘Girl’ emphasized a strong hook, and I thought it was okay to be greedy then. Others, however, thought that what I needed as a more easy-going melody. I think that choosing E-TRIBE hyung’s track was a good decision in the end. I’m trying not to rush things, this is just the beginning after all.”

While preparing for his solo, Kim Hyung Jun stated that he tried not to become too satisfied with anything, and worked diligently in learning how to stand on his own by lowering his sight and judging himself coldly.

He concluded, “I’m trying to become cold, if that’s possible. If even I sometimes think that my stages are awkward, how would others view it? I have to be more flexible and capable. My stage? I’d rate it 50 points out of a 100.”


Anonymous said...

i know i wud have given him 100 out of 100 just cus he is so adorable with these lines :
Randomly, he turns to the reporter and asks, “What shall I do?”
Do I seem like an adult now?”
this article realy gave me a laugh
hyungjun ur a still a baby as always.
solo comeback fighting!!
thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

he's so modest and mature..! I don't like when people think he's still a baby because Baby is the name for a person who doesn't like to work hard and Hyung Jun is different, he's the only family member who has a huge responsibility for his family, he's the oldest son, just let u know...

Anonymous said...

anon@5:07 Don't get upset by others calling him Baby. They are just referring to his personality. All Triple S know that he is incredibly hardworking and mature when it comes to his work and family.

I'm incredibly proud of HJB. He's doing such a great job on his solo activities. From his musical to his solo album, he just keeps getting better and better. Can't wait to see him in a drama. I know he'll do great in that too. I like that he is pushing himself to be the best that he can be but wish he wouldn't be so hard on himself.

sinthia said...

Well it's a good idea he wishing become more cold to judge things, but if to me vote, I'd give a 100 points out of 100 of his stage. ^^ Not only because I'm his fan, but because it's damn good actually!!