Saturday, March 19, 2011

[News] Hyung Jun’s Reverse Selca Pics

[News] Hyung Jun’s Reverse Selca Pics

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After the “reverse selca” of singer Kim Hyung Jun whom first debuted with group SS501, was circulated, it attracted the attention of people.

Recently Kim Hyung Jun’s pictures that were circulated via online community sites have made people relate to a garment CF, the “male deity” Kim Hyung Jun’s appearance as well as his comical yet bizarre expressions pleased anyone who saw his look. Especially in two pictures whereby Kim Hyung Jun showed two expressions in stark contrast, netizens showed their interests and called it “reverse selca”.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun’s charismatic yet provocative dance choreography in oH! aH! on stage has become a discussion topic. Kim Hyung Jun will be launching his large-scale promotion with Japan as his starting point while still carrying out activities within the country (S.Korea).


Anonymous said...

He should get a CF offer! Koreans waste a handsome boy like him..

sinthia said...

I didn't get it. What are those photos about?
He looks extremely handsome at the first pic. 8B

Anonymous said...

Hyung Jun looks so handsome in these photos!

Anonymous said...

super deal with anon5:17..
he got everything being cf model..
good expression and good looking
what else?!

Anonymous said...

haha "reverse selca" i like it! Hyung Jun has the best reverse selca. one moment, he's serious and dashing, and the next, he's goofy and cute. XD
thanks for sharing, crazynoona (& marvie)!

Christina said...

i know right..he shud totally get a cf deal but it actually depends a lot on his marketability..for example, he has to reach a point in fame where everything he advertises wud be bought immediately..thats when he will get tons of offers..until then hyungjun fighting!!
did anyone watch this program with hyungjun?
i felt so sad after wud be great if someone subbed it..hyungjun works so hard.