Friday, March 18, 2011

[Pix] Jung Min @ Incheon 03.17.11

I am so late in posting. ^^

As I am just posting this most of you I believe already know that Jung Min is already in Singapore. He was actually given a warm welcome by the Singaporean at Changi Airport. Jung Min is in Singapore for a fan signing event and fan meeting.

Herre are wonderfully taken photos of Jung Min at Incheon yesterday by the shutterbug of


Anonymous said...

he looked happy both at incheon and changi! i was surprised he had so many fans in singapore, the crowd was amazing and i think there were more people compared to when baby went to singapore.

i hope he'll have a good time coz some people on twitter were actually wondering if he wasn't really enthusiastic about going to singapore as he didn't tweet about it like when he went to japan or taiwan.

Anonymous said...

^ aw i'm sure JM's really excited! sometimes he just doesn't tweet. XD;

thanks for sharing these pics. they are great! just casual airport fanpics, but i think JM looks perfect. ^o^ i love his hair, natural bright face, casual but stylish outfit sitting handsomely on his lean frame. *obviously biased XD*

sinthia said...

I'm glad to see he is recovering his weight ... his cheeks are looking more fuller now. ^ ^ He's handsome, so cute with his teddy bear .. *-*