Monday, March 21, 2011

Hyung Jun's Fan Signing @ Music and Plus 03.20.11 by Prettyboy

I was just at Prettyboy to check on more photos of Hyung Jun from yesterday's fan signing at Music and Plus. Thanks to fanclub's shutterbug for the wonderful photos and video.

Below vid is from Prettyboy as well and uploaded by on her YT channel. Thanks!

Hyung Jun, you look really tired. I hope you're not working to hard and thinking more about your health. You've already did a great job and your effort is well recognized. Stay healthy and happy for everyone who loves you.

P.S. Apparently Hyung Jun had also a fan signing event last Saturday, 19th of March at Synnara in Ilsan. Here's a video from Prettyboy posted on the YT of


Anonymous said...

He's cute thanks for posting those videos and pics..

Btw,just read a comment in KHJ Forums, is it true that there were only 10 Triple S who came and supported Hyung Jun in Mnet countdown and any other music shows? =( WHY..??? CAN SOMEONE TELL ME..??? He's putting a lot of effort for his comeback...

Anonymous said...

anon@2:23pm I don't think that could be true. I remember reading a notice on his fansite that they had secured additional seating for one of his later music show recordings. There would be no reason for his agency to do that if only 10 fans were coming. Also his fans would be the ones to learn his fan chants and ten fans wouldn't be loud enough to stand out. And I know I heard fan chants during his performances.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a misconception that Hyung Jun is doing horribly with his album. It's probably because we have such high expectations for him. Hyung Jun isn't high on the digital charts but he was #1 on album sales. He also beat Big Bang in fan votes for M Countdown. He's doing around the same as Jung Min did with his solo album. He wasn't an instant big success right from the beginning but, for someone who most of his career has been known as the member whose name sounds like Leader's, he's doing pretty well.