Friday, March 25, 2011

[Vids] Hyung Jun @ ShimShimTapa 03.24.11 (w/ JM too ^^)

I was only able to watch the 1st hour of ShimShimTapa last night where in the guests of Shindong and Gyuri were Kim Hyung Jun and Infinite. Saw how Hyung Jun performed 'oH! aH!' live but missed him performing 'Girl' and talking to Jung Min who had a phone patch.

Anyway, thanks to and to for posting these videos on their YT and I was able to see the highlights of the show.

First vid is Hyung Jun performing 'oH! aH!' and 'Girl'. Thanks iamsom!

Next vid is the phone patch to Jung Min. According to Ode's post on her blog, Jung Min told a lot about Hyung Jun until HJB told him to shut up. Ah, I wish we could have the translation for this vid. Anyway, thanks Ode!


Anonymous said...

the conversation sounded really funny.. i wish too that we cud get the full translation..thanks for sharing..tom nd jerry entertaining as always.

Anonymous said...

Love HyungJun and JungMin, it seems to me, JungMin really cares so much about Baby! I think he wanted to cheer him and to support him same thing as KyuJong did to baby as well