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[Article] Interesting PJM Interview w/ Hot Chili Paper Last Year

Loads of thanks to Slam for sharing this very long translation on her blog, My Inner World. This was last year's interview and yeah I agree with Slam that it is a very interesting one. Go discover what Jung Min wears to sleep, what he finds sexy and who treats the most amongst members.

Thanks again Slam for this!


[Trans] Park Jung Min in HOT CHILI PAPER Vol.61 Magazine

Japanese to Chinese Trans: No.43 Park
Chinese to English Trans:
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SS501's Sexy Charisma - PARK JUNG MIN
, held his presscon at a hotel in Tokyo on 17th September last year. At the presscon, Jung Min and his management company announced with regards to his future activities schedules. During the presscon, Jung Min gave his president and the reporters nicknames, you can only see that the whole presscon is going in the way and direction which Jung Min wants, the whole atmosphere is full of laughter which is never-ending. The whole place is drowning in Jung Min's style of friendliness, cordial and charismatic atmosphere. When mentioned: [I wanna be the No.1 most hugable guy, which is once you hug me, you will never ever forget me kinda guy. I want to be that kind of warmth-hug guy.] When talking about this, Jung Min's face is full of sincerity! And when the reporter asked which is his ideal girl, Jung Min answered: [Basically, she must be mature who dont mind to be or to date with a guy who is younger than her. And then she must have a sense of humour, who can chat about life and who can be with me for the rest of her life. I am not that kind who only goes for looks.] Believe with this kind of answers, all the fans must be very happy.

At the same day of the presscon, Park Jung Min's offical Japan website and fan club was officially established. Next, Jung Min will be having his comeback in Korea entertainment scene and at the same time, he will be having his "Bond of Boys" Japanese musical performances (from 18~23 Nov). Followed by his [2010 PARK JUNG MIN 1st Japan Christmas Special Fanmeeting] on 22 ~23 Dec. For Jung Min who in terms of wanting to be the most hugable guy, maybe he will do that during the fanmeeting? In addition, Jung Min will be using Taiwan as the main platform to enter into the Greater China and also the Asian market. With this as a target, Jung Min has working very hard learning his Chinese.

After the ending of the presscon, it is our turn for a one to one interview with Park Jung Min. Sometimes he is humourous, sometimes he is playful, sometimes he is flirtatious, at times he also can suddenly give a helplessness loneliness look. Turning his active huge eyes, with dynamic facial expressions making him look real cute! After this interview, we can totally believe that with is charismatic expressions, his fans will continue to increase as time goes by! This interview, there is no translator, Jung Min used his fluent Japanese to answer all our questions.

Q: First of all, we would like to ask your goal [To be the most hugable guy] What does it mean?
A: Yes. 1 month prior coming to Japan, that time when I was asked what kind of person I wanna become, suddenly this thought came into my mind, and I answered [Ah! I hope to become the No.1 guy whom people would like to hug most] just like that.

Q: Which mean, now you are still not No.1?
A: Ah! Seems it is like that! After which, my next target would be bigger and would like to be a global one!

Q: So you wanna be a global star where everyone would like to hug, so this plan you wanna complete in how many years time?
A: Till next year!

Q: You really wanna use such short span of time to let so many girls to hug your body?
A: No problem! I wanna be hug! I have no problem hugging several thousand or million people!

Q: During SS501 period, you are called as Sexy Charisma is it?
A: This is Sexy Charisma is only the initial phase, slowly I wanna become the most hugable guy.

Q: Oh.. So you still have the sexiness in your character?
A: Character, actually in actual fact I am quite rough, sexiness is the basic!

Q: How do you look like when you are sleeping?
A: Hmm... actually when sleeping I look very rustic. (smile) I would normally wear boxers with a very comfy shirt to sleep. Sometimes I would only wear boxers and nothing else. Not necessarily the same... very hard to choose.
Q: So you have met up with the cast from the musical "Bond of Boys", how do you feel?
A: I feel that we can become good friends. I feel that all of them are M.

Q: Why do you feel that they are M?
A: Because I am S ah! So that's why I have this feeling. Then I will threaten them to eat proper food.
(slam10: I really dont understand what is the meaning of M & S? Anyone can enlighten me?)

Q: So how do you threaten them?
A: [You all better eat properly! If not you will see me with killer eyes staring at you!] Just say like that, then everyone will start saying [I will eat properly] or [Oh is it! We will eat!]

Q: Are the cast younger than you?
A: There are some who are younger than me and some who are of the same age and there are also some who are older than me. Thus I am really in the middle.

Q: So can everyone accept your S character?
A: I think so, but it varies to people.

Q: What about if it is me?
[Suddenly, Jung Min stood up and stare into the reporter's eyes. This sudden action, making the reporter totally attracted by Jung Min's stare.]

Q: Ah... you really shock me. So privately you are always like that?
A: Yes...

Q: Friends usually look for you for what purpose?
A: I dont have any friends... (sigh) never went out with the cast from "Bond of Boys" (sigh) I am really very lonely! People really dont have any friends.

Q: You really know how to joke. Talking about "Bond of Boys" the theme is calligraphy. If it is Jung Min, what would you wanna write?
A: [O-KA-NE] -> money in Japanese. (laugh~~] Just joking! If I were to write a word, I would like to write [LOVE], the 2 words is [A-I] -> Japanese pronounication of LOVE

Q: Is your calligraphy good?
A: I really love it! I love calligraphy, I often want to write my handwriting nice and neat. I learnt calligraphy during my art lessons in elementary school. From that on, art lessons are used to practice Hangul and chinese character.

Q: Did your teacher ever praise you?
A: Not that I know.
(Talking till here, Jung Min suddenly: [Your name is Ah Bu?] {Reporter's surname} Ah... "Xiao Bu Bu" {Small Bu Bu!} I like!)

Q: I am flattered... looking at you like this, Jung Min is always a very jovial person?
A: Yup... Happy... happy!!!

Q: A person like you, have any thing that cant be forgiven?
A: It is not really that I wont forgive the person who made me very angry. Once I am very angry with this person, I want to see but cant see but later on when I got the chance to see the other party, initially I am angry, but later on I will still forgive the person.

Q: Then are you that kind of person whereby if you hate the person and u will continue hating the person?
A: If you have like, you would have hate! But I wont hate a person without any reason.

Q: Dont really get to see you angry...
A: I frequently get angry! But there is really stress that I cant endure, I would tell the other party [So how? Please leave me alone quietly] After that I would be alright.
During the presscon, when mentioned about how to eliminate stress and pressure, Jung Min answer is [When I am angry, I will still continue to be angry, if I am not happy, I will straight away burst out, like that it will healthier this way.]
Q: In Korea, when u acted in this musical called [Grease], u combed the famous John Travolta hairstyle, did you find the hairstyle looks cool?
A: Sigh... I dont really like it, but it is my 1st time trying out that kind of hairstyle, even the fans were shocked! I still remember the 1st day of the musical, I did my very best to dance and sing on the stage. But I still hear bits of laughter here and there at the audience area, and it was all the hairstyle fault. It was real embarrassing!

Q: Totally wont want to do the same hairstyle for the 2nd time?
A: The hairstyle in [Love Ya] is a little similiar to that [Grease] hairstyle but it has a more modern style. Thus, if you comb in a more modern fashionable way it will be ok for me. But I really hate my hairstyle in the [Grease] Musical.

Q: So, which kind of hairstyle you wouldnt want to have?
A: Not the kind of five to five (Centre parting kinda hairstyle.)

Q: Now that you have started your solo activities in Japan, did the rest of the members from SS501 gave you any comments or recommendations?
A: They only say [You are going to Japan! Hwaiting, Gambatte!] That's all. Tomorrow, Maknae Hyung Jun is going to Japan too. (Maknae is coming to Japan to watch Kang Ji Hwan's Cafein musical) Will meet him if have time.

Q: What will you two do after you meet up?
A: I think he wants me to give him a treat! Hyung Jun is very stingy (laughs) No, he really love to spend but only on himself.

Q: Then usually leader will treat if all of you eat together?
A: Our leader also dont treat us... (look as if wanna cry)

Q: So when the 5 of you eat together, who usually pay?
A: Surprisingly, Kyu Jong is usually the one who pays! But when it comes to treating, usually it is me, Kyu Jong and leader who will treat. Young Saeng and Hyung Jun are very stingy who dont even treat! (laughs) They only willing to spend money on themselves. (laughs)..

Q: Is SS501 going to continue?
A: Currently, even though we are now separated to strive on our own respective solo activities, but sometime next year we will be release an album together. We have already discuss with our respective company but of course we have to release our own solo albums 1st.

Q: The solo album which you will be releasing in Nov will be in which kind of style?
A: We are still receiving songs. For the 1st hit song it will probably be a dance song. But, I personally prefer ballads. Hope to showcase a different kinds of image and songs.

Q: Will you be dancing?
A: Of course! It will be a very dynamic and rock dance which is totally different is that it will be a very powerful dance. Everything is still not firm yet, but it will be confirm at the beginning of Nov, will be announced before the "Bond of the Boys" musical.

Q: Talking about this, heard that you nearly wanna quit acting in the "Bond of the Boys" Musical. Can you tell us the reason?
A: Not so much because of busy schedule, it is more because of the musical performances have a certain degree of difficulty! Because that is not something that can accomplish by myself alone. You got to practice over and over again, in order to stand on that stage which is not easy at all. Thus, I have the intention to quit during that time. And also I am afraid that I couldnt get along with everyone. It is also the same when acting for [Grease]. We have lots of practices prior to the opening performance!

Q: So now you are very busy till there isnt enough time for you to sleep?
A: Yup! I even had mouth inflammation. Now I am still not that busy but I will work hard. Hwaiting!

Q: You have not decide for the name of your offical fanclub... during the presscon, you said that you wanna name [The person whom most women would like to hug] pronounication ~ [DO] as the name of yuou fanclub?A: I was only joking about it! I am still deciding! "Bond of the Boys" name is also not bad, there is this word "bond" inside the name isn't it?

Q: Will you be singing any SS501 songs or any other songs during your FM in Nov?
A: The albums that we released in Japan really have lots of nice songs in them. During the time, I have thought of performing the songs which that were never performed before, like dance songs! Those which can showcase the sexy side of me, I am willing to try to learn and practice.

Q: So to say, ballads are still remain as the main songs?
A: I like it! Because I hate to perspire...(laughs). The ballad songs that I love most are my own songs (laughs). The song "Only Me" which I released in Taiwan is a song which I written the lyrics myself. I really like that song very much. It is a song which contains a lot of my emotions inside.

Q: How do you feel when singing ballads?
A: Close your eyes, put all your feelings into the songs, imagine and thinking back the moment, the mood when you are writing the lyrics of this song.

Q: Lastly, can Jung Min tell us what you think sexy is?
A: Okie... where is it?? Hmmmm.... Butt!!!

Q: Small butt?
A: Not only must be small, it must be perky!

Q: (Reporter did a hand sliding upwards gesture)In this manner??
A: Please do not use hand to describe (laugh~) It is a little disgusting... Xiao Bu Bu (Reporter's surname) I hate you! (laughs~)

Q: I am sorry... so u meant perky butt?
A: Yes, it's perky butt!

Q: Thank you for the interview today! ^^


Anonymous said...

lol jungmin is so funny..

tetsu girl said...

BIG THANKS to cllslam10 for doing the long translation!! thanks for sharing, slam & liezle!

i love JM. every answer makes me lol. XD
"i wanna hug a million people!"
"sexy charisma is only the initial phase" of world domination?!
S&M? o_0 maybe it's a translation thing; i think there's a more general (less "provocative") Japanese equivalent, like dominant and passive personalities in any relationship?
JM suddenly stands up and shows his "force"! XD
JM calls everyone in Japan -chan like he calls everyone in Chinese-speaking countries xiao-. cute!
his "Grease" hair. lol. it did look kinda odd, but i love his "Love Ya" hair!!
stingy Baby! XD caring Kyu! <3
"SS501 will release an album together sometime next year." <333
"i like ballads! because i hate to perspire." LOL "i love my own songs the most." XDD
wait, JM wrote "Only Me"? i heard that it was HJB?
"perky butt"? naughty JM. ;D
"please don't do that, it's a little disgusting. i hate you!" LOOL

i'm sorry i wrote so much, but i just love everything about JM! :D

Anonymous said...

I am a little disturbed over the mention of S&M. The term S&M is often found in Japanese mangas, usually of the yoari-erotic genre where the characters are described like he is a S and he is a M sort of thing. I don't know how the Japanese interpret this slang but maybe it does generally mean to the aggressive-passive personalities like the poster said above?

Anonymous said...

I found some explanations(maybe) to the type of personalities he said in the interview. The person said it's just a trait to see whether the person is a passive or an aggressive character and the term S-type or M-type is commonly used in Japan nowadays(just like how zodiac and blood type matters to most people).

Anonymous said...

thanks for the explanation, anons.