Friday, March 18, 2011

[Vid & Pix] Hyung Jun's "oH! aH!" Performance @ M! Countdown 110317

Heaps of thanks Marvie for sharing this! I still have to watch a lot since I miss a lot of performances of Hyung Jun since I got so busy with work.

Much thanks to UnknowCarrot170t for sharing this video on her blog and to Prettyboy for the photos they took and share on their board.

Credit : UnknownCarrot170@youtube

Credit : Pretty Boy


Anonymous said...

another great stage!
i love the dance routine, it goes all over the place and changes formation a lot, but it's always so sharp and clean and just looks really cool. =)
and of course, Jjun's voice is perfect. and i love his fun but gentle expression for this song.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how underrated he is..His song is amazing but it still hasn't reached number 1...

Kim Hyung Jun is a hardworker, handsome, honest, friendly and talented..! I'm proud to be his fan!

sinthia said...

I totally agree with the comments above!

Anonymous said...

i like his outfit now. daebak Hyung jun! :-)