Sunday, March 27, 2011

Surge of Hyung Jun Pix from Prettyboy 03.26.11

Of course Prettyboy wouldn't be absent in yesterday's Fantastic fan signing event of Hyung Jun.

Here are the wonderfully taken photos of the shutterbug of Prettyboy as well as the vid which you can see at the end of this post.

Here's video...

If you can't view the vid above, you may click HERE.


237Q said...

baby... I love him very very much but... WTF HAPPENED WITH HIS EYEBROWS!? Who in the world dyes their eyebrows, especially red!?!??

sinthia said...

*_* my sweet cute baby, I didn't see the video yet, but I figure that he is doing a promise with an fan, it seems sooo cute to me!! ^^
I can't find an way of don't love such an adorable guy like this, I wish he gets all the love and popularity that he deserves.
Thanks for the photos.