Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jung Min's Interview with XIN on 03.19.11 (added YT vid)

YT vid added below for those who can't watch from Youku.


I always love when there is an interview done by The interview also comes with English subs! ^^

Alright, I am certain most of you have watched this. For those who haven't seen these yet go and watch the vids and find out in Part 1 how Jung Min will confess to a girl and his thoughts about his solo album. In Part 2 know how Jung Min feels when talking in Mandarin and his thoughts on the recent news that happened in Japan.

If you can't watch the videos below, click HERE and HERE.

Part 1


Here are some photos from the interview.

Thanks to veggiedelight and misangre for the tip!


In case you are having difficulty watching from Youku, here's YT link posted by on YT.


Anonymous said...

oh so sad, i cant watch the video even i clicked the link:-((

Anonymous said...

i can watch the video now:-)

oh thank you liezel and newstsvn for providing the YT link.

Anonymous said...

i love the interview, super cool and funny. thanks for sharing:-)

Anonymous said...

he's such a funny guy ^^ glad he put on weight, he's looking good now~!

sinthia said...

Thanks for the links!!^^