Saturday, March 19, 2011

[Pix] Kyu Jong and Young Saeng's Suite Room

I was supposed to be in Singapore to attend Jung Min's activities this weekend but wasn't able to go because I was stuck to do important things at work. I have actually been very busy for the past months preparing for this and finally the event culminated yesterday and right now I am just doing some post stuff.

I was really sad when I learned that I couldn't make it to SG, but a few days after learning about that I was kinda happy because a good news was delivered to me. Though I was supposed to fly to SG on th 17th, on this day I was checking in at the same room that Kyu Jong and Young Saeng used when they were in Manila last February for the Story in Manila Fan Meeting and I will be using this room for 3 nights and four days. Actually this is not the first time I have stayed in such type of room at Sofitel. I stayed in the same type of room but in a different floor before and even had the bay view. I also blogged about it in my personal blog. But since I am staying in the same room as Kyu Jong and Young Saeng used before, I decided to blog it here and share with you as I am sure there are some fans who are curious to know what kind of room they use when they go out of the country for a show.

So, I will be giving you a short tour of the Luxury Sofitel Suite. The room is located at the corner of the 9th floor with a city view (best view is the bay view though).

This is the room number outside the room with the green light on meaning it's occupied.

The entrance of the room (but I took this from the living room).

The living room with workstation at the back. Hee, sorry for the mess, I was actually working when I decided to take photos to be used in my blog.

Another photo of the living room with the welcome amenities which include welcome letter from the General Manager of the hotel, a bottle of red wine, fruit basket and a box of muffins (the muffin is not a regular VIP amenity ^^ I was just given in my room)

Btw, as part of the amenities of using the suite, all occupants of the the suites are entitled to use the club floor (not sure if the boys were able to use the club floor which is pretty exclusive as they can enjoy cocktails everday andtake their breakfast instead of taking it at Spiral).

A closer look at the fruit basket.

This is the bedroom with a king sized bed, love seat and flat screen.

View from the bedroom. There is a sliding door but it's glass so there's really no privacy in this room except when you go the the toilet and bath. (Sorry for the bags ^^)

Here is a set of photos of the toilet and bath. Toiletries in the suite rooms are Hermes.

Oh I just love rain shower.

There it is. Though wasn't able to go to SG and see Jung Min, I was able to be in the same room where Kyu Jong and Young Saeng slept, dine and play. ^^ Btw, the room has a balcony which they can open.

P.S. As promised in my comment below, here's the view from the balcony.

Parking... this where they come and go.
fans were always waiting for them at the lanai

The room is right in front of the film center.

City view... to the left.

Bay view to the right.


slam10 said...

Liezle's, thks for sharing. U really satisfy my curiosity as to what type of rooms the boys usually stays & how does it looks like.

Thks once again. ^^

SS501 arab fans said...

thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Liezle ^^

ShinSooKi said...

hmmm. when we went to the hotel to stalk them, my friend said that someone was standing outside of his room who looked like KyuJong~ It was at the 9th floor and was not facing the Manila bay.. COULD IT BE THAT SHE REALLY SAW KYU? Wahhhh.

SS501 arab fans said...

oh i just wanna to know how the balcony looks ^^ and the view from it

liezle said...

Hi SS501 arab fans. I will take photo of the balcony tomorrow and the view from it when the sun is up and add them in this post.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this, liezle! quite interesting to see the suite our boys stay in. the very same room! :O i bet the management gives them extra goodies/amenities because they are top stars. ;D it seems you're quite a top dog, too, liezle, if you're staying in this luxury suite! :O

liezle said...

hello 3:19 and thanks for dropping by. i guess i just a bit lucky to be staying in the same room where they stayed. ^^


Anonymous said...

I wonder how you know that you are staying in the same room like them?
But thanks anyways for sharing the pix.

liezle said...

Hi 12:20 and thanks for dropping by. I have my sources and it's no secret what room number they were staying.

When I was booked at the same hotel when they were here, I was on the 8th floor (Luxury Club Room) and the foreign fans I was able to talk too also know their room number. ^^

Actually this is not my supposedly room. I was originally booked at the bay side but I particularly asked for this and were a bit lucky that it was available when I checked in.


zaza said...

Wow!! Congrats! You've got that even better than the fanmeeting. I wonder what you think while you use the bed and bathroom :p

Anonymous said...

waa Liezle u're so lucky guuuurl! thanks for sharing! but damn, isn't it expensive? it's a suite, no matter where in the world u are, as suite is a suite, and it cost! I hope it's ur job who's paying for ur stay, and not because u want to satisfy us (showing us the suite) so ur staying in this suite by using ur month salary:S

so how does i feel? waking up knowing that maybe kyu or HS was sleeping in the very same bed...hahahahaha..can't stop laughing T_T

liezle said...

hi 9:24. like what i wrote, i am just a bit lucky to be occupying this room. even if i have money and I can get a big discount i won't be staying in this room just to show to the fans. i am so stingy that my friends hate me for being one. ^^

the feeling of waking up in the same room? nothing to be excited about since many have already occupied this room before me. also i just got excited knowing that i can show in my blog the room that they stayed. oh yeah, i only slept on the bed last saturday night since i was dead beat i slept on the love seat on the first night and on the sofa on the 2nd night. ^^


liezle said...

hi zaza! i didn't sleep on the bed until last saturday when work is over. i couldn't crawl to bed on the my 1st night and 2nd night at the room because i was dead beat from working with lappy on.


Anonymous said...

u poor girl. u need to have a good rest, while staying at the hotel. what about using the hotels spa (if they have one)? i think u deserve that!