Friday, March 25, 2011

Aritlce & Pix from Jung Min 'Sweet Chic' Album

Whoa! I am surprise with this news. I am shoving this up.

On the other hand I blog last night that a re-package album will be out on April 8. So, I guess this is the album. Can't wait.


As CNR announced the details of Jung Min's Birthday Event on the 3rd of April, they also release new photos of him from the photoshoot of Jung Min's upcoming album next month 'Sweet Chic'.

Here are the photos. Thanks to iamsom for the tweet.

Below you can read article by VITALSIGN from AKP.


SS501’s Park Jung Min to return with “Sweet Chic” next month

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver
courtesy of VITALSIGN / AllKPop

After wrapping up his solo debut with “Not Alone” earlier this year, SS501’s Park Jung Min is back again with his next album, “Sweet Chic“!

Despite promoting all around Asia for his album tour, Park Jung Min was said to have taken time out of his schedule to produce a new album out of gratitude for the love his fans have shown for his solo debut.

The singer shared photos from his album jacket photoshoot with photographer Han Dong Won, and updated fans on his progress with the new album. He also expressed his determination in showing a bigger variety of his charms.

A representative of his agency commented, “Fans will definitely be captivated with Park Jung Min’s charms once more through his next album, ‘Sweet Chic.’”

The album is scheduled for release in the beginning of April.


Anonymous said...

The upcoming months are going to be busy for Triple S. Jung Min with a new album in April which is also the month Young Saeng's debut album will be released. Hyung Joong will be releasing his debut album in May/June and Hyung Jun will be releasing a digital single around May as well. Only Kyu Jong's upcoming projects are still unknown. Hope this means we'll be having lots more member interactions coming up for us to see. :)

Anonymous said...

new album?not alone is still new and it need to be promoted longer.but i'm happy to hear some good songs more too."sweet chic"this name is a little weird but i hope it will be good.Min you're so many album more dou you think to release in a year?but it could be better if it doesn't be in same time with other members.on mnetcountdown or other stages, one of them will be more successful as a result and it is so sad for other one.

Anonymous said...

aww "sweet chic" totally matches JM's huggable image. <3
even if the repackaged album is just the same contents as "not alone" plus this one new song and different jacket photos, it's still exciting! :D

Anonymous said...

Hmm....!?! His other album is still fresh, and already back with another one?
I'm looking forward to YoungSaeng and HyunJong albums. Hopefully, Kyu will come up with some good news soon. Miss those sweet three a lot.

Anonymous said...

is that repackage or new album i didn't understand.can someone enlighten me?

Anonymous said...

woah can't many comebacks..hyungjun is ma bias so i am really excited and now jungmin too. youngsaeng nd hyun joong soon too!! god this year is already turning out be amazing! they r making more appearnaces compared to when they were all 2gether...but still happy. they r all going to get recognised more and gain loads of new fans as well. yay!!
thanks for sharing

lnsieber said...

I'm excited! The next few months are going to be good! I can't wait to see their future schedules for this Fall though. 5 months and I can go watch them perform live, so I hope all the boys make many more comebacks one after another :DDD

Anonymous said...

anon 1:35 I totally agree with you, it's so amazing that we are having so much of them to see,read and hear.^^ I hope this new album be a new one not just the same songs and a new single, I'm so happy that they are appearing a lot now, it'll feel better if they could be together, 5 is always better, but it's good to increase their popularity and we can enjoy more of each one. ^^
The only thing that worry me I have to work even more to make enough money to pay so many releases,omg it's so expensive be a Triple S now... =S
If I didn't love them so much... ^^

Anonymous said...

Whoa!!! Another album?

Expensive way on the part of fans to support all the mini albums that are nice but not great. Really sad.

poshdrive said...

It seems like it is not a bad idea to go solo for the time being...

See how much attention everyone of them is gettin'..

Solo activities can really boost up their confidence... I believe they hv gained new fans individually and seeing how much our boys love each other, the new fans will start to love SS501 too..

Plus the public now see their individual talent and will see SS501 in a diff light. They will be recognized as an idol grp with not only looks but also real talents...

I can't imagine what a blast it will be when all 5 of them comes together! There'll be thunder and lightning, hurricane and typhoon...kekeke!