Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jung Min at SG Fan Signing Event 03.19.11

Today is the 2nd day of Jung Min's activities in Singapore. Yesterday he had a presscon at Ritz Carlton Hotel which was attended by some lucky fans. It was said that the presscon was exclusive and taking photos were very strict. But Slam was able to share with us what happened in her blog, My Inner World. I won't be lifting her fan account posted in her blog but I will direct you to her blog by clicking HERE to read everything she wrote. Thanks Slam for sharing!

As mentioned earlier, Jung Min had an activity with fans today... fan signing. Slam tweeted photos she took and I am shoving some of them here. Thank again Slam!


bossacafez said...

hi liezle! i was there just now. jung min is so charming and charismatic, very friendly and sincere too. he's not called mr. fan service for nothing :) one girl cried on stage coz she was too happy/agitated and jung min wiped her tears personally, causing everyone to scream lol. one thing tho', i feel that he looks and sounds exactly the same in real vs. on pics/vids. normally they say celebs are more good looking in person but i feel that he looks equally charming in real and on-screen.

so happy to hv caught a glimpse of him. he's really one of a kind! even tho' he's the last member that i got to know, he's now my 2nd bias after kyujong :p even my hubby likes him alot!!

liezle said...

hello bossacafez! thank you for your post here and I am happy that you get to see him. i got the chance to see him a lot of times and never got disappointed. he's really a charmer. one more day for all SG fans to see him at the party. you going? i am pretty sure it'll be an intimate one.


bossacafez said...

thx liezle, i'm happy i got to see him too :) every smile, every nod, every wave....there's no hint of tiredness or weariness (even tho' maybe he might be). he's just so endearing! i only wish i could get closer to the stage, i couldn't really manage any good photos. security was also really really tight and everyone on stage was hurried or whisked away if they stayed on another 0.5 secs just to chat or look at jung min. kinda sad! this is the only decent photo i managed to take :

but good enough for me, i'm very happy and contented :) as for tmr's fanmeet party, i'm not going unfortunately. how should i put it? when sony music announced that it was gonna be a freestanding event i was really disappointed. coz i don't think i can go there and queue early like some fangirls, so i'm afraid with that amount of money i pay i could only stand right at the back. i hope that the nx one they would give fixed seating :) baby, leader & jung min has come to sg, i really hope kyusaeng would be next!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing, cllslam10 & liezle!
and thanks to bossacafez for sharing your fanaccount, too! i so wish i could see him in person. T_T nice to know JM is just as sweet, handsome, and charming in real life as he seems on camera. some people might call him "fake", but covering his tiredness or any bad mood, always showing smiles and friendliness, just to please fans, is an endearing thing, and i really admire him for giving each fan he meets such care and attention. <3