Thursday, March 24, 2011

03.24.11 News After News

Tonight some exciting announcements were being tweeted one after the other. In case you don't know about them yet, here let me enumerate them for you.

1. Park Jung Min's HongKong Fan Meeting

Date: 23rd April 2011
Venue: Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre
Ticket sales will be open from 31st March 2011 (All CD Warehouse stores in Hong Kong)

thanks to cll_slam10 for the tweet

2. Park Jung Min's Bangkok Fan Meeting

Date : May 7, 2011
Time : 6:30 – 8:00 PM (Door open 5:00PM)
Ticket Price : VIP THB 4,500 / 3,000 / 1,500 THB [*** VIP ticket limited only 400 seats; 200 seats + Hand Shaking, 200 seats + Group Photo (10 person / 1 Group]
Pre-Sale : Saturday April 2, 2011 (place will be announced soon)
Public Sale : via Thaiticket Major from April 11, 2011 onwards
Activities : Performance + 3 Activities with fans on stage

thanks to YoURpEaCE for the tweet

3. Young Saeng's Album will be out on April 22, 2011 (but let's wait for the annoucement of B2M)

4. Jung Min's re-packed album 'Not Alone' will be released April 8, 2011

5. Park Jung Min's Birthday Event in Seoul

Date : April 3, 2011
Venue : New Millennium Hall, Seoul, Konkuk University
Time : 3PM
Ticketing Info : Can be purchased starting at 5pm on 3/25 via Interpark.
Price : 27,500KRW(incl. VAT).

thanks to HappyBoys_SS501 for the tweet!

So, ladies, which of these activities you're planning to attend? Aish... i wish I have lot's of money and there's only time to play. Anyway, let's keep on watering our money tree.


Anonymous said...

OMG !!!! young saeng's album's finally has an exact date of its release !! :D at last, i can look forward to a certain date !! <3

Anonymous said...

more new music from our boys!!!!
sooooooooooo happy!
and that means we'll see them in more programs:)

Chara said...

Whoh... something really must have gone the wrong way while recording...

Album scheduled for march is now released end of April... That's hard, no wonder he was so depressed last time... Poor guy! ^^

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward for our prince album..22/04..mark our calendar ladies..thnx liezle for the info...

Chara said...


Liezle, I just had a look on my calendar and then at B2M Ent. site.

B2M didn't give an official statement to that yet?

Some things I wonder about;
22nd April is the Friday before eastern, It's a public holiday day for all Christians (26% og Korea are Christians) I don't think shops will be open... Don't know.
To that, on this sheet of paper is written 수 which stands for 수요일, which would be Wednesday, 20th April. Would be much more fitting in my opinion.

I think... 22nd may be the wrong/not exact date?

Do you know anything?

Thanks dear!

Anonymous said...

hope JungMin will have the FM here in Manila

liezle said...

Hi Chara. I know it's Good Friday. Even JM's FM is Black Saturday. During this time of the year I normally do not travel but this time, I will (if i can get ticket).

Anyway, as I tweeted earlier, let's wait for B2M's announcement which I think will come out soon.


tetsu girl said...

Wow! so much news! :D
i'd give anything to attend any of JM's fanmeets. T_T
but kyaa~ a repackaged album! i'm so excited!!
but for YS, it just says "single" not album. and he's still recording. i think something happened again during production (why does this always happen to them?!), and that's why he's upset lately. T_T Prince, fighting!

Anonymous said...

kinda tight schedule for us eh, i mean, Ys album out on April (fingers crossed) all TS encouraged to promote and buy his album kekeke, then Kim Hyun Joong's on May, aigoo...must save money and spend for their albums....

Anonymous said...

i think jung min needs more than 24 hours to work.his schedule is so tiring.i wish he could come here too.why do always asians have chance to see him?we want too.there is enough technology to travel world. nowhere is so far away.