Sunday, March 27, 2011

[Article] A 'possible' duet project of the Kim brothers

I have been waiting for the translation of this article since I saw it two days ago. Thank to veggiedelight for tipping me that Ode has finally did the translation on her blog. Thanks Ode.

The reason while I was waiting for the translation of this article was because there was a mention of a collaboration between Hyung Jun and his brother KiBum. Though they've already collaborated song writing a duet is something different. There was actually a talk about this earlier and if this could really happen I would be one of the happiest. Brothers teaming up for a duet will be fantastic as these two brothers are famous.

This article doesn't only talk about the collaboration but mostly Hyung Jun's goal. He has so many things he wants to do. I hope he'll learn to take a break and enjoy life.


[Article] Kim Hyungjun, "A project duet with my brother Kim Kibum will be OK too"
Source : Newsen 03.24.11
Korean to English translation by Ode /

The number of brotherhood and sisterhood instances in showbiz has been on the rise. '2 Days 1 Night' Uhm Taewoong and his elder sister Uhm Junghwa ; actress Kim Hyesoo and her two younger brothers Kim Donghyun & Kim Donghee all belong in the same industry. While for the two brothers - Kim Hyungjun (25) and his younger brother Kim Kibum (22) - they too belong in the entertainment industry.

Recently, Kim Kibum who was a part of U-KISS has terminated his contract with agency NH Media and has since left the team. Kim Kibum sets up HnB Company with his elder brother and currently holds the status as the company's CEO where he dwelves into the character business.

As for his elder brother Kim Hyungjun, he has recently made his comeback not as the 'maknae of SS501' but as a solo singer with his first solo album. We heard him talk ceaselessly about his younger brother Kibum.

"Our character business is faring alot better than what I had expected it to be. Neck pillows, cushions etc have already been sold out. We even recently liasoned with a new partner. Kibum has strong enterpreneurship skills, which is why we can do this well until now. Each and every time I see my brother, I feel so proud".

Kim Hyungjun, too, has huge desires for his business as well. In the next 3 years, he hopes to parallel his activities alongside his character business, and he plans to have a resting period of no more than 1 month out of a one full year. "It may be the starting stage now but I hope to develop our company into a solid one that won't allow me to regret about those investments put in at the start back then. Until I enter the military, I need to achieve that spot as firm as I can. Probably because of the many hardships I faced during my childhood days, my mindset of 'I must give happiness to my family' is very strong".

The extraordinary goals in life and plans that Kim Hyungjun sets, who is already in his mid-20s active as a celebrity, is definite. For the sake of a stable life, he plans to get married in his early 30s. "I have no time to hesitate. It wouldn't be sufficient even if I don't rest and just keep sprinting ahead. Although I am sprinting forward all the way, I shouldn't collapse just yet. Because my tenacity is very strong. I will not stop just as if I'm running a marathon".

The Hyungjun-Kibum brothers have had experiences of writing lyrics and composing songs, too. Will we be able to see both brothers standing on the same stage together someday? "We're blood brothers ne, what's there we can't do together. I have thoughts of wanting to do a project duet with him too. We're doing the same job so actually when any of us feel difficult, we become a great strength to each other. Like advices and worries... I feel really blessed that we do the same job".

Kim Hyungjun's hobby is to go for driving spins. It is something that helps to relieve his stress as he spends personal time alone in a space that belongs to him only. Kim Hyungjun adds, "It would be great if my fans will feel blessed because of me" and that "I want to find and give happiness to these people's lives - these people who love me (ie; fans)".

He also says, "There are many things that I have to do you know, as I plan and assess my life goals in the process. I don't want to just leave it as thoughts. It's most important than anything else to turn thoughts into actions, is it not".

On the other hand, Kim Hyungjun is currently active with the release of his first new mini album. Title song being oH! aH!.


Anonymous said...

nice article, thanks, Ode & liezle!
i would really love a Kim Brothers duet! they write great songs together. i foresee them becoming the next generation's hit music producer team. ;D
i really admire Hyung Jun's strong will, determination, and hard work towards his goals, especially to bring happiness to his family. <3 hope all his endeavors are as successful as Piro Piro! :D

Anonymous said...

Hyung Jun is my true idol! He won't give up with his goal and is hardworker, I hope the business will be a great success and his music career too.

Anonymous said...

Hyung Jun is really an inspiration in the way he works so hard for his goals and takes care of his family. I'm sure he'll be a great success in both business and his career. I can totally see him being just like JYP in the future. He definitely has the talent and determination for it.

The no more than one month rest in a year is something he seems to be already doing. He always seems to have a new project already lined up to start before his current one is even finished. It's great to see him in all these different projects, I just hope he doesn't overdo it and remembers to take care of himself along the way.

sinthia said...

I really hope someday we can see the kim brothers working together, that would be wonderful! Not long ago I had thought how it would be nice to see them together on a project, I'm very happy to know that they consider it possible to accomplish. I hope this happens soon! It was very unfair what NH media did to Kibum. Btw, it's great to see how baby is helping and giving all the support to him. Kim brothers are great!