Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hyung Jun @ Park Kyung Lim's Starry Night 03.15.11

Last night Kim Hyung Jun was at MBC's Starry Night radio show of Park Kyung Lim. Hyung Jun was together with M4 who was also promoting their new album.

I failed to watch this last night but thanks to I was able to see Hyung Jun's live rendition of 'oH! aH!' and 'Girl' tonight.

Do check the four parts videos below it was fun watching Hyung Jun and M4 being interviewed by PKL. But is you want to skip and just listen to Hyung Jun's live performance of 'oH! aH! you may go to the the second vid and forward it to 6:07 mark. If you want to jump to Hyung Jun's performance of 'Girl' you may go directly to the last vid and to go mark 2.39 . ^^

Alright, now it's clear to me... the title is not Oh! Ah! as it's read BUT sort of like Whoa! (faster though) from what I understand how Hyung Jun said it to PKL. ^_^


Anonymous said...

baby is so cute in these vids..luv his hair colour..wish i cud y=understand what they were saying..thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

sorry, but i think i much like the song "GIRL" than "Whoa!"..hehe

see all are so happy dancing with the tune of "GIRL""-)

Thanks for sharing:-)

Anonymous said...

he looks like a white man among those people in radio show

Anonymous said...

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