Thursday, March 31, 2011

03.30.11 S/Tweet Treats

Wednesday's tweets translation are now here. Much thanks to xiaochu for doing the translation and sharing on their forum, Quainte501.


[Trans] 03.30.11 S/Tweet Treats

Korean to English translation b xiaochu @

Please re-post with full credits.

2011-03-30 @ 5:31pm
HyungJun87 Ahahahahahah~

2011-03-30 @ 5:35pm
hg3731 kekekekekekeke RT @HyungJun87: Ahahahahahah~

2011-03-30 @ 5:37pm
JUNGYEON1023 @HyungJun87 Look at this~ it was nicely taken. Must definately remember the agreed day !!!! Otherwise!!! You will have to say goodbye to your Gundam~~~~~!!kekekekekekekekekekekeke

2011-03-30 @ 5:43pm
JUNGYEON1023 @HyungJun87 You are World General, Underworld Female General!? I am General Piro and Female General Siro!!! kekeke
xiaochu : he's talking about the words on the figurines that HyungJun posted

2011-03-30 @ 6:03pm
Young2802 @HyungJun87 Photo is daebak keke Burst out laughing in the recording studio keke

2011-03-30 @ 6:08pm
juice0425 @HyungJun87 HyungJun man, heard u are coming this week! How is it ke


Anonymous said...

So cute. Hyung Jun always has the best expressions.

Anonymous said...

Aww.. he's adorableee!! xD