Sunday, March 27, 2011

[Pix+Trans.] B2M Updates About Young Saeng's Recording 110327

Much thanks Marvie for shoving this here. Thanks as well to chobeeSS501 for providing the translation on Twitter. It's so nice of B2M to keep up updated on Young Saeng recording.

Btw, I read on Twitter that is now available for foreign members. I haven't checked yet but I believe it'll follow the same. ^^

Trans. - [trans b2ment] A recording appearance^^ You did a good job~~~~

Trans. A studio that was opened less than a month. At this place, everyone who are recording will be a hit!!!!...

Credit : b2ment@twiiter + (English Trans.) chobeeSS501@twitter


Anonymous said...

from the side view saengie looks kinda skinny, he must have lost alot of weight!

lisa said...

i just went into Kyu/Ys webby. YS's does allow foreigners now but kyu's nope =(
maybe kyu's will be added later (cross fingers n pray)

Anonymous said...

how can i join young saeng's???

Anonymous said...

hi Lisa, i checked Ys webby, it now invites foreign fans but the thing is, its still in hangul :(

i tried to have it translated by google, aish- no good.... B2m please have it translated in english.... do sooo want to join and thanks Liezle for this update... looking forward on his solo activities as well (A)