Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[Article] Hyung Jun 'Im a greedy person'

Here's is another good interview of Hyung Jun. Much thanks to Honeyeee (& Wonderrrgirl) for the translation posted on Love501 forum.

In this interview (as well as the other interviews of Hyung Jun recently) you could sense how he has mature and has taken a big leap. All I wish for him of course is be able to achieve his goals.

Btw, in the last article I posted about Hyung Jun, one anonymous visitor left a comment describing Hyung Jun beautifully. In case you missed reading it, you may just click HERE.


[Trans] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, 'Solo Singer.Actor. Entrepreneur.. I'm a greedy person"
Source: Osen
Korean to English Translation: Honeyeee @ Love501.com
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Be in group SS501 or as solo singer, it is necessary that Kim Hyung Jun's all-rounded talent is noticeable. Singer, actor, business man. To be able to confidently release an album of his own, Kim Hyung Jun is not the cute maknae of the group anymore.

Kim Hyung Jun made his comeback and released his first mini-album 'My Girl' after a year. When being asked about the feeling of standing on the stage alone, he said "It feels good. I was able to fulfil what i had wanted to do". His shinning eyes shows his determination of wanting to show more in the future.

"I have wanted to try solo even while it was the 5 of us. I have always wanted to try being on my own. I have a lot of desire. I'm greedy." He said, "I wanted something distinctive" with his eyes full of dreams.

The biggest advantage of a solo is to be able to freely pursue the kind music. For Kim Hyung Jun's first mini album, he spent about 2 months looking for title song 'oH! aH!' since it is going to be the song that marks the beginning of his solo work. Sophisticated and intense reaction. Feel that it is a good start.

"Kim Hyung Jun has this side too?", "Kim Hyung Jun right?", "Kim Hyung Jun have changed a lot" Kim Hyung Jun feel satisfied when he hear words like this and will want to work even harder on his transformation.

Of course there were worries. "Frankly, i feel burdened, of course. However, I enjoy myself on the stage once i found my confidence. Embarking on solo activities have proved a great significance on its own."

Now, Kim Hyung Jun's appearance have vary greatly as compared to as when he was with the other 4 members. Character wise, he has changed too. Of course there were difficulties. The members have been together for 6 years and they was subjected to extreme stress when they are separated.

"Of course i felt lonely. But i can feel myself becoming a lot more mature. In the past, I don't voice out my thoughts and opinions strongly. Therefore i had a lot of regrets deep down, so much that i might have developed some internal injuries inside. When in group activities, other members can fill up my lacking parts. But it is different now. I have to bear all the responsibilities by myself. I feel more grown up. And i am gaining myself more confidence too."

There is also another fear. A fear that is experienced by anyone who transforms into solo artiste from group, that is the shrinking of fanbase.

This is something that Kim Hyung Jun himself agrees with and he also believes that it is something that must be overcome by himself.

"I have to overcome this process. Initially i have thoughts like did the fans lessen, did the fans who came to see me lessen, did the voices shouting for me lessen. But only after overcoming this, you can truly enjoy yourself while on the stage. Now i get to create something right from scratch."

Kim Hyung Jun thought it wasn't enough to concentrate on choreography, so he started working hard on vocal training again right from the beginning. Although he wasn't 100% satisfied, his new image brings surprises to all.

When being asked about his first stage broadcast, he revealed "I was really nervous. I made a lot of mistakes during rehearsal. I was never so shakened before. But i am a little stage conscious. Once i was on the stage, i could not feel the nervousness i felt before, but i felt a burst of joy."

Kim Hyung Jun who have a lot of desire wishes to excel in not just singing, but also hopes to be someone who excels in acting. Having done the musical 'Caffeine', Kim Hyung Jun has proven himself with potential as an actor.

The voice with great advantages. Unlike his pretty face, Kim Hyung Jun is blessed with a deep bassy voice, which is a plus point to him as he is capable of pulling off a wide genre of songs during both acting and singing.

"Honestly, musical was a little tough for me since i am still learning. It was like a new world to me. It is an area where I can do well and i want to do well. I was lucky that the response was good. It was really a wise decision to participate in a musical. Nevertheless, music is still my priority, but i too have desire to venture into acting."

Kim Hyung Jun takes another name, the business man. Before, when Kim Hyung Jun's younger brother Kim Kibum was still active as a UKISS member, both brothers joint hands and ventured into character business 'Piro Piro' which was doing fairly well.

"Business is better than expected. And is expanding a little by little. Our office has already grown bigger. Staff has also increased. Haha. I am working with my brother and i am really happy about it. Kibum has got a strong entrepreneur's streak. And most importantly, I am really proud of my brother when i see him working hard." (Honeyeee: Hyung Jun nim~ im so proud of you too! ^^)

Because it is still in the early days, Kim Hyung Jun is still not sure about his final goal. But the answer is clear that the youth with overwhelming ambitious has returned. "I want be a successful creator like Park Jin Young, Lee Soo Man, Yang Hyun Seok sunbaenims. I want to help the juniors who have dreams to build their dreams. But of course, even though this might be tough and difficult, I would still like to challenge it. One day i will somehow achieve it right? Nothing is impossible. Haha"

Kim Hyung Jun whose promotional activities in Japan was put off due to the earthquake in Japan, will now focus on domestic activities.


Anonymous said...

I know the anonymous wrter was totally right about hyungjun..he is just so complex..u will learn new things bout him everyday..he is the most intriguing idol i've ever met.
if he wasn't so underrated i don't think anyone wud criticise him..his interviews are such a delight to read..u can clearly see that going solo has made him more mature..he always thinks bout ss501 nd triples..so thoughtful. thanks for sharing
hyungjun fighting!! hope the next album is also a success!

Anonymous said...

anon above, I agree with you, he's very complex and plus imo he's unique, no other idols who behave like him, Junnie is always giving honest answers on the interview while most idols are covering their lacks and the truths somehow they're afraid to tell about their goals..

"..There is also another fear. A fear that is experienced by anyone who transforms into solo artiste from group, that is the shrinking of fanbase...This is something that Kim Hyung Jun himself agrees with and he also believes that it is something that must be overcome by himself"

Well it's true...I think Hyung Jun can understand his situation very well that everyone who likes SS501 is NOT always your fans!

Anonymous said...

anon@4:26 I agree with you. Hyung Jun has such a unique personality. I've never seen any other celebrity like him. He's so comfortable with who he is that he will always give honest answers. Even if that means some might misunderstand him. What you see is what you get with him. It's refreshing to see an idol that isn't so focused on keeping an image and instead just stays true to himself.

Anonymous said...

really good interview. thanks very much for translating, honeyeee, and sharing, liezle. ^^

thanks for liking my comment, guys (i'm that anon). it's good to know others feel the same as me.

i think TS who follow him closely see his most sincere moments and the real Hyung Jun, but to the general audience, he only showed half of himself. before i got to know him, i thought he tried too hard to get attention, kinda cheesy and pandering to the public and media. i didn't see his serious side, his hard work and worries, and his sincerity in trying to please fans, til later. but i think now he's really grown up, grown comfortable within his own skin, and is now very open and honest. you can tell Hyung Jun has matured a lot. i'm very glad he's showing more of himself, his true self, contradictions and complexities and all. it's not just the adorkable magnae we love, it's Kim Hyung Jun. <3

Anonymous said...

Yeah before I liked JungMin and imo for the first time Hyung Jun gave me a bad impression, same as you, I thought he wanted all the attention for himself and plus in most of variety shows, his hyungs only commented about his bad attitudes so I thought Hyung Jun was a spoiled kid and attention seeker.. But.. my impression of him changed tottaly..

When I watched "Intimate Note with Kara" I noticed something difffrent from Hyung Jun he was sitting on the corner with Kara members.. He looked down and depressed, his sad impression gained me a sympathy.. so I started to get to know about him from variety shows..

I just learned how underrated he was..maybe because he's the youngest so he doesn't deserve to be in the spotlight, because he's the youngest, the baby, so he doesn't deserve to get the number one..

I must say to Korea, stop with the age discrimination where the older gets more spotlight and the younger stays behhind..

Anonymous said...

i'm crying..those comment make me feel sad to think back the old memories about him..he definitely dont deserve to be treated like that..

hyung jun don't worried, u are the reason i join TS n love doubleSS..you are my hero as always ^_^

Anonymous said...

10:16PM, you're right, Hyung Jun definitely didn't deserve the bad impressions we once had of him. i think 1:13PM has a point: because he's the magnae, his hyungs always teased him about his "bad habits" and he himself played the whiny baby and didn't get to show his serious side.
anyway i feel terribly guilty about it now. i can't believe i used to see him that way. that's why i try my best to "educate" others who misunderstand him and show them how lovable he is, not just in a cutesy way but as a unique and good person.

Anonymous said...

@10:51 above..i used to feel so bad during love like this promotions for hyungjun cus he was always getting picked on..this time on variety shows i hope every1 gets to see his true side as the sweet, caring, hardworking, cute baby that we all have come to love!