Monday, March 28, 2011

03.28.11 S/Tweet Treats

Today, Young Saeng surprised us with a cute tweet with his photo. Do check it out below with the translation of xiaochu posted on Quiatne501 forum.


[Trans] 03.28.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @ Quainte501

Re-post with full credits please

2011-03-28 @ 4:57pm
mystyle1103 My combat power!!!!!kekekekekeke

2011-03-28 @ 5:01pm
Steven_Lee_ @mystyle1103 What is this photo keke by the way are you coming tomorrow???

2011-03-28 @ 5:02pm
@mystyle1103 @Steven_Lee_ Where are we going tomorrow??

2011-03-28 @ 5:20pm
jjjjjin2yo @mystyle1103 You..why are you looking so old..Is (life) difficult?

2011-03-28 @ 5:33pm
hangtenkorea Spring! Meet with the refreshing spring jumpers in Hangten stores!!

2011-03-28 @ 7:03pm
mystyle1103 @jjjjjin2yo What old - - It's because I didnt make my hair that's why~keke I am still the best baby face~

2011-03-28 @ 9:24pm
jjjjjin2yo @mystyle1103 Dont be dishonest keke Because it'll show when we're broken down keke

2011-03-28 @ 9:46pm
euny1120 @mystyle1103 What is this kekekekeke Is it a game???

2011-03-28 @ 11:45pm
hyeongjin2 The (album) jacket proposal meeting ended now, and I am lullalla elated to be on my way back~~~ When a person is off guard, accidents will happen T T. Never let your guards down, I can painfully feel this phrase..... I must re-learn how to tweet~~~~. euk¤Ì¤Ì

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