Monday, August 08, 2011

[Article] Jung Min's Taiwan Drama 'Fondant Garden'

At last a news about Jung Min's Taiwan dram. Much thanks to rainaftershine for the translation on her blog.

Geez, do we really have to wait until next year until we see this? It's eternity!


[News] Park Jung Min’s Taiwan drama ‘Fondant Garden’ receives a grant of 8 million dollars
English translation:

SS501 Park Jung Min has started his acting career in Taiwan. The filming of the new drama 翻糖花園 (Fondant Garden) has started a week ago. Jung Min will be acting as a young entrepreneur from a Korea company whom does not wish to inherit his family business. He fled to Taiwan and met the main actress, Shara Lin who acts as a pastry chef and their love story begins. As the both of them are trying to figure out their roles, they have been practicing hard to bake a cake. They also have to communicate through the interpreter to understand each other due to the language barrier. The drama receive a grant of 8 million dollar, and is expected to shoot the scenes in both Korea and Taiwan. The drama is targeted to be out next year during winter break (end of January to February).

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Anonymous said...

wow that's a pretty long wait, but i'm sooo excited for it!
it's a decent set-up for a story, and i think it'll be cute to revolve around a bakery. can't wait for more news! :D