Thursday, August 04, 2011

[Article] Kyu Jong & Young Saeng Sent Flowers to Hyung Jun

Flowers were sent each by Kyu Jong and Young Saeng at Centennial Hall of Yonsei University where the birthday celebration of Hyung Jun with fans was the venue earlier.

Here is the translation of the article about the flowers sent. Much thanks to wonderrrgirl for the translation on her blog.


[News] Kim Kyu Jong on Kim Hyung Jun’s birthday, “You are the man of the moment”
Source: star news
Translation: wonderrrgirl

In order to congratulate Singer Kim Hyung Jun on his birthday, members of SS501 sent wreath of flowers, which caught everyone’s attention.

On the 3rd of August 7pm at the 100th anniversary memorial hall of Yonsei University, Kim Hyung Jun had an ‘oH! aH!’ concert together with his fans, to celebrate his own 25th birthday.

On Kim Kyu Jong’s flower wreath, he gave his message as, ” oH~aH~you’re the man of the moment, I’m in the midst of recording” while on Heo Young Saeng’s wreath, he wrote, “Happy Birthday”.

Meanwhile, SS501 Singer Kim Hyung Jun has released his first single album in Japan on the 27th last month.

Kim Hyung Jun has launched full-scale events in Japan, starting off with his first solo single album “Long Night”.

Earlier on in January, Kim Hyung Jun’s company had also gave notice of having signed a contract with Avex Japan.


Chara said...

Oh... I mistook...
Thanks for posting this up, liezle!

So Kyu is busy recording (for Debut), so understandable.

And YS? Busy playing Basketball or what?

Anonymous said...

YS is also preparing album for this septermber, I think Kyu Jong and him will be coming back at the same month

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the direct translation of Kyu's bouquet say 'You are the best'?

Anonymous said...

It can be you are the best too but I thought that was too mild. Kyujong is trying to say he's at the apex, at the top now, so that was why i use 'man of the moment' instead to bring out this meaning. :)