Thursday, August 04, 2011

[FanCam] Hyun Joong @ Gimpo 08.04.11 by kimhyunjoong24

Hyun Joong is back in Korea after several days of staying in Japan for Break Down promo, Love-1 Festival, Playful Kiss Premium Event and other activities.

At Gimpo Airport you will see from the fancam that he was welcomed by fans as he's surrounded by security and Mr. Yang.

Here's a video of Hyun Joong's arrival at Gimpo from kimhyunjoong24 and shared by in YT. Thanks to veggiedelight for the tip.

Hyun Joong's next stop will be in Vietnam. He is scheduled to be in Vietnam from August 11 to 12. Are fans in Vietnam ready for Hyun Joong?


Anonymous said...

Hi Liezle,

Is Mr. Yang the CEO of KeyEast and does he usually travels with Hyun Joong when he has overseas activities?

liezle said...

Hi 12:39! From Asia Economics news in May 2011:

Key Eash has appointed Bae Seong Wung as its new Co-Chief Executive Officer (Co-CEO), replacing Yang Geun Hwan, effective May 2, 2011. The current Co-CEO, Shin Pil Sun continues his duty as Co-CEO at the Company.

Mr.Yang is one of the pioneers of KE. He's been a long time friend of BYJ. He used to accompany BYJ a lot before wherever he goes. Now it's KHJ that he is accompanying.


Anonymous said...

Thanks I'm assuming Mr. Yang is still working or has an affiliation with KeyEast if he's accompanying KHJ. Is that correct?

Anonymous said...

Yes, fans from Vienam are ready to greet Hyun Joong.