Saturday, August 06, 2011

[FanCam & Trans] Hyung Jun Reading Letter to Fan on His Birthday Celebration 08.03.11

Thanks to Dhes for sharing the video in one of the comment boxes. This video is the cut from Hyung Jun's birthday celebration with fans when he was reading a letter. Before reading he promised not to cry, but apparently he did when he started to thank people (3:21 mark).

Here's video lifted from the YouTube channel of . Thanks!

I am adding here rough translation of the letter that Hyung Jun read courtesy of wonderrrgirl. Much much thanks once again woderrrgirl!

HJB started off with thanking everyone for coming to his 25 birthday as usual.
He mentioned how time flies and he is now singing and performing alone.
There are many things about him that is lacking but he is grateful that the fans have been supporting all these while.
He says that he will provide more good and handsome in the future, for the sake of all his fans, he will become a better and more mature person.
And ask for everyone to please support him always.
And he will always be with everyone forever and ever

Moving on to thanking his parents. (he emphasize again he's really thankful. haha!)
then he thanked Kibum and their family dog Choco, and say that he hope they will always be healthy.

Lastly, to the fans and Triple S and Greenpeas,
even though it has been difficult for everyone, now we are starting off a new journey once again.
Always remember this, and I love everyone, and we will always be together.
Also, I am thankful to all of you from the bottom of my heart.
And... please don't forget. don't forget.
*clears throat*

That very heart that we have started with... hmm... SS501 members, I hope we will always work hard and remember that.
Thank you everyone.

I will work very very hard. We will all work very very hard, alright?
Really, I will work hard. Thank you very much.
And everyone, I've actually prepared a lot for everyone,
but I could not show it all to everyone and I feel sorry about this.
It's a birthday party and I want to do a lot of things, but I couldn't and even fought with the staff (?? think that's what he said)
I hope you won't forget this day and my 25th birthday, thank you for all celebrating with me, thank you.

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